What is Wellspring DNA ? | IS it Real Or Not ? | Conclusion

Netflix’s “Archive 81” takes Archivist Dan Turner on a surreal journey as he attempts to rebuild a collection of damaged tapes, only to find out that they possess an unsettling power. In a secluded area at an unreachable research site, the hero delved into the mystical world of tapes and discovers they may be linked to the dark corporation LMG who employed him. The company is well-known for its involvement across the entire sector, LMG also has a genetics department known under the moniker Wellspring DNA. What is the goal of Wellspring DNA? Does the company really exist or is it just part of the ‘Archive-81’ world? Let’s figure it out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

What is Wellspring DNA Testing?

Wellspring DNA is first introduced via an old commercial where a voice from the audience presides over the advantages of getting the DNA test performed for the business. It is clear that Wellspring provides services that permit clients to submit an ounce of DNA and receive a report on their family tree. In essence, Wellspring offers DNA ancestry testing, according to their advertising.

Naturally, given that Wellspring is part of LMG which is part of LMG, it’s not a surprise that LMG’s genetics department could be involved in some shady activities. There is a rumour that a hidden area in the facility for remote research, where Dan recovers tapes utilized to store documents from Wellspring’s operations. Since the genetics firm was closed, it analysed DNA samples from customers There is now an enormous collection of human blood and genetics data that LMG has kept in its Remote Research Facility.

While the use of blood samples and reports is not stated, however, one character suggests that Wellspring could be a cover-up for the governing forces behind LMG to find somebody. When you consider that Virgil Davenport started Wellspring (in 2006) which could be a threatening purpose of the DNA firm seems to be much more likely. It seems that Davenport may have founded Wellspring for the purpose of trying to locate the ones with supernatural (possibly Baldung) blood in the hope of involving these people in the plot.

It is interesting to note that in episode 1 of season one Dan is planning to make use of the previous Wellspring sample of blood to recreate the blood-magic ritual. In the final, he’s not required to do it because a certain Baldung witch is there to offer aid.

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Is It Real?

It’s not true, Wellspring DNA is not an actual company. It is an imaginary affiliate of the enigmatic LMG corporation, which employs Dan Turner to restore the tapes of the Visser building. As previously mentioned, Wellspring DNA is a business that is no longer in operation, as well in ‘Archive81 as it was closed. Davenport calls it an obsession of his although the goals of Wellspring are portrayed as being benign its connections to genetics are likely to be utilized to advance the mysterious and powerful CEO’s plans. The most notable thing is that its leftover blood samples as well as reports on the people’s genealogy are stored at the LMG research centre and might be turned into alarming use.

In fact, DNA ancestry testing does exist and is readily available. Numerous companies offer DNA testing kits which customers can utilize to obtain complete reports on their family tree and the ancestry of their ancestors (if they have records available). As more customers test DNA on their own, database databases become regularly updated with the latest information available which makes it easier to identify the ancestral links between different people by their genetics.


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