This Printable Escape Room Is Perfect For Kids! Quickest Escape Room at Home

Have you recently stumbled upon a Printable Escape Room game and have your senses muddled trying to figure out what type of escape room it is? If so, don’t worry. This blog exclusively includes complete information about what printable escape rooms are! All you have to do is read along. 

Family game evenings, birthday celebrations, and just keeping kids entertained at home on rainy days are all great occasions to use these kid-friendly escape rooms like wild goose escapes. Every age group, from young children to those difficult-to-please teens, can locate an escape room kit. The puzzle-solving adventures of a printable escape room are enjoyable for families with children of all ages to participate in. 

Printable Escape Room Games 

Imagine being able to download just one file that contained everything fantastic about an escape room! Escape room printables are only a seasoning like that. These combine board games, puzzle adventures, and party games. It is a fun event to share with your family, the kids, the adults, and other Wizards. The best part is that you may alter it as you want. The ultimate house party, essentially. Ever! 

You can print one of your favorite escape plans after downloading it as stock photos or on your printer. Then, distribute the puzzle cards throughout your house using the setup instructions. Check out these printable escape games for kids, to begin with. 

The Mummy Lost 

Thanks to this kid’s escape room kit, your living room will be transformed into a thrilling Egyptian adventure! Prepare to entertain your children and students at home with simple setup activities. It has all the fun of an adult escape room but is designed with riddles and a plot that will capture the attention of 10 to 13-year-old children. Your children will compete in teams of two to four in this world to solve the secrets of the mummies’ tomb and, perhaps, make it out alive. If your kids are gaming at home, they can print safely, and you can have unlimited players by printing out all the games once for each squad. 


The ENVY Escape Kit 

Any room will be transformed into the mysterious and ominous world of Envy by this DIY escape room kit! A homicide mystery game with opulent excess and fatal feuds in the Gatsby era of the 1920s. Prepare for an evening of blood-stained satin gloves at home. The prestigious Carnegie family is throwing a sizable celebration filled with joy, laughter, and a few boozy beverages. Everyone, from Gatsby to Governors, is welcomed to the wild event. Sadly, the bloody corpse suggests there are far too many visitors. Was it a resentful partner? Or degrading blackmail? Or just plain old Envy? At their worst, the 1920s were a brutal decade for older teens and adults. 


Escape Room Z 

Escape Room Z (pronounced as Escape Room ‘Zee’) is a fantastic escape printable for those who are all into the world of zombies and cannibals! If you want to have fun with some flesh, why not choose this one?  


A package for creating a zombie-themed escape room that turns your living space into a heart-pounding experience. While you’re at home, it’s ideal for unrestrained enjoyment. Print, download, and have fun tonight! Typically reserved for adults and teens who have reached the age of 16. 



Are any fans of fairy tales out there? Take your children on a magical escape room adventure through the land of Frost. This do-it-yourself kit will turn your class into a spectacular team adventure for your Christmas celebration, anniversary, family entertainment day, or another event. You may now start downloading the package for students aged 9 to 12. 


Escape Quest 

The said printable gameplay pack turns your home into a kid-friendly escape room with a time travel theme. Before printing, you can alter every aspect of the game, even the complexity. By bridging that gap, this simple escape game kit enables you to create an incredibly gratifying experience for your team. The puzzles were created with this objective and are best suited for children between 6 and 8. 


Rebel Revolt 

A subversive escape room set that turns your house into an adventurous journey. It’s the ideal self-involvement activity to occupy your youngsters and home-schooled pupils. While being at home! For teens and individuals above.  


Bottom Line 

Kids will be captivated by the printable escape room game’s intriguing subject and gorgeous artwork. Everything may be printed out on card inventory and appear to be just as excellent as whatever you purchase in a store, only there is no need to wait for shipment. Don’t just keep sitting back there and download your favorite escape printable set now!  




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