The Coaxial Speaker Cable: A Complete Guide

Today coaxial speaker cable are extremely popular because of the excellent audio they provide as well as the convenience they provide. They are always able to provide a precise transmission of audio signals into digital format. A typical coaxial speaker cable comes with the male RCA Jack in both the ends. They are indestructible to interference and deliver lossless audiotechnica output. They are also useful to power various devices like DVRs, cable/satellite box, HDTVs and Blu-Ray/DVD players. subwoofer speakers, game consoles and many more.

What are the Coaxial Speaker Cables?

In simple terms, a coaxial speakers cable is an electronic cable, which can transmit RF signals from devices in the point of origin to devices who are at destinations. The cables are slowly being used by various audio professional systems to provide the same quality of sound. The frequency range for radio frequencies varies between 20 kHz and 300 GHz.

Although they are similar in design to RCA audio wires, the main difference between the two is that coaxial speakers send digital signal. They provide higher levels of bandwidth for more stable connections. When you look at their construction externally, they offer more durability and strength when compared with conventional audio cables.

You can connect these cables with any kind of speaker or subwoofer that measure 75 cm to 6 meters long. Some coaxial speakers are specially made for be used with subwoofers exclusively. Therefore, they provide security and high-quality audio. Many microphones, including professional ones, utilize microphone cables with 3-pin connectors called XLR. XLR cables are favored for microphone cables since they feature a low signal-to-noise ratio.

What is an Digital Coaxial Cable?

Digital coax cable is one of the cables that can transmit any digital or electrical signal. They are typically used to transmit audio and video signals. Although they’re not digital however, they are effective in transmitting digital signals using electrical pulses.

The structure for digital coaxial cables similar to the conventional coaxial cables. They show a wire in the center, and is protected by an insulation type material and a plastic sheath and a shield made of metal.

Digital coaxial cables are shielded from interference and have a excellent impedance to current. Additionally, they are able to manage a wide range of frequencies.

What is the components of Cables Coaxial?

Every coaxial cable has four parts that you need to be aware of prior to using coax cables:

  • Conductor outer (shield)
  • The inner conductor (center conductor)
  • Dielectric material that divides the conductors that are external and internal.
  • A jacket which acts as the outer polymer layer to shield the internal components

Could Coaxial Cable be Utilized for Subwoofers?

If the requirement arises the need to link a speaker with an audio receiver that spans distances that are long, you could use an coaxial cable to connect the subwoofer.

Coaxial digital cables along with the majority of video cable, have a the standard impedance at 75 ohms. They are therefore easily interchangeable. Other cables with RCA connectors that are designed to transmit audio, such as the subwoofer cable, may be unable to achieve an impedance as high as less than 75 ohms.

Does Coaxial Cable be used as a Speaker Cable?

A coaxial cable could be used as an audio cable. However, using it this manner doesn’t guarantee the highest quality output. The reason for this is that you need to connect the F-connectors using an RCA end in order to make the setup work flawlessly. It is suggested to use an electric subwoofer in conjunction with. You are able to utilize any type of speaker you like.

A problem when using a coaxial cable for speaker cables is that it increases the impedance in the form ofload on the power amp. Because the whole setup will be more resistant that you can’t operate it at the highest power.

What are the various kinds of Coaxial Cables that are available in the market?

Based on construction

Based on their construction on the basis of construction, there are five main kinds of coaxial cables available on the market. They include:

Flexible Coax

Known as the standard type of coaxial cable, each coax cable that is flexible has an exterior conductor with braids composed from fine wires. The braid is flexible enough in the cable. However, it doesn’t provide a complete shielding. So, RF signals could escape through tiny gaps inside the braid.

Semirigid Coax

The construction of each semirigid coax cable displays an extremely durable, tubular metal exterior conductor which is similar to pipes. Due to this structure, these cables have the same characteristic impedance. Furthermore, they provide excellent shielding. They also offer great protection without the ability to be flexible without sacrificing.

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