Simple tips on how much to spend on an Engagement ring in London

Engagement is a very special day in everyone’s life. We have many dreams and visions on the day. Though we do not want to compromise on anything to make the day special, you have to keep budget in mind. From décor to the engagement ring, you must choose a budget and accordingly shop for the engagement ring. Lab grown diamond rings are available in many styles and budget. But what should be the ideal budget? Here are some tips to determine the right budget for buying engagement ring in London.

Carat of the diamond

The carat of the diamond determines the weight and its size. Both factors affect the price of the diamond. Hence, you must have an idea about the carat of the diamond you are looking for. You must do some thorough research on the carat of diamond used for standard engagement rings and their price. Also go through different colour and clarity options available. This way, you can estimate a range to set the right budget.

Style of the ring

The price of the ring depends largely on the style and design of the ring. The number of diamonds, the size and cut as well as the carat influence the price. to determine the right budget for your ring, you must first have a clear vision of what type of ring you are looking for. For example, the three stone engagement ring will cost a bit more than a small classic solitaire ring.

The seller of the diamond

The price of diamond is slightly affected by the reputation of the seller. The making charges of the ring varies from one jeweller to another which in turn affects the price. It is best to go for reputed and licensed jewellers. Also, choosing a reputable jewellery seller ensure your product is insured against many factors. This way, you get the best out of your money.

Metal of the ring

Platinum, gold, rose gold, white cold, combination of platinum and gold- there are plenty of options when it comes to choosing the metal for your ring. The price will vary based on the type of metal you choose. Depending on the precious metal you want, you must determine the budget accordingly. Also take into factor the changing price of metals when you are determining the budget.

Estimating the right price

Engagement rings are made from precious metal and gems. They are made to last lifelong and even for generations. Hence, they can be a bit more expensive. The price of the engagement ring should not be a major concern when you know the right places to look for. some of the best jewellers have very beautiful designs. Especially in London, you will find numerous jewellers in Hatton Garden who can make classic engagement rings for you at the best prices. The key is to do proper research on the style and material you are looking for and shop accordingly.
Choosing the engagement ring within a budget can get tricky and Lab grown diamonds UK could simplify budget issues. There are various types, style, material quality to consider. Keeping the tips shared above in mind, you can easily determine a feasible budget to buy the best engagement ring for the big day.

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