Ready to Go With On-demand Multi-Service Business Apps Like Gojek

The decision to invest in a business idea is often tough. Some people measure the risks and profit-earning capabilities yet fail to operate the business for long. Whereas entrepreneurs who work a little smartly and along with risks and profits, keep the upcoming trends in mind often win! So, become a smart entrepreneur and invest in a multi-service business with an app like Gojek!  

Launch an On-demand Multi-service Business

It is time to launch a perfectly built app and make you the most successful entrepreneur in the on-demand industry across the globe. To make sure that you are on the right track, take care of the following things:

See video testimonials of clients beforehand

Entrepreneurs who need a solid business solution without hit and trial need to remain cautious right from day 1.

Therefore, when searching for a reliable solution look for the video testimonials of clients. Through these testimonials, you will be able to affirm the professionalism of the white-labeling experts and even the quality of the product.

You’re purchasing an app like Gojek from the right sellers!  

Until and unless you see the terms and conditions of the white-labeling experts don’t purchase from them. Go through the site, testimonials, and even third-party sites for reviews!

Here are some prominent characteristics that must be considered while choosing the seller:

  • They will deliver white-labeled apps in just 1 to 2 weeks.
  • They are ready to integrate preferred color, logo, payment & SMS gateway, etc., into the app.
  • The experts will zip and send a lifetime licensed source code for one domain.
  • They will provide you with a free demo app trial.
  • Part-payment is available.

They offer more than just 1 app

The clone app script must offer you more than just 1 app. That means that if you are purchasing the script from a professional, well-experienced seller of an app like Gojek, you will get an entire assortment of various business solutions such as;

  • User app for iOS and Android
  • Driver/Service Provider apps
  • Store apps
  • Website & admin panels
  • Supporting panels
  • Web panels of users, providers, stores
  • iOS and Android KIOSK apps for taxi booking, food ordering, etc.
  • iWatch taxi booking app

Remember, Your App Must Have an Advanced App!

Investing in an old or obsolete technology is useless. Why waste your money on something that will never earn you a penny?

So, invest in this advanced and futuristic technology that has everything your tech-savvy customers need!

It has all the trending services

Ensure that the app has all the latest and highly demanded services. If you integrate the latest services, people will come back to your platform to book them again and again. For example, you can integrate the following service categories in your app like Gojek.

  • Online taxi booking services
  • Online video consultation
  • Bid for services in real-time
  • On-demand services
  • Parcel delivery
  • Store delivery
  • Delivery Genie and Runner
  • On-demand Medical services

Users can use futuristic features

If you want to provide your customers with an advanced app, integrate all the latest features you can find! This will help you launch a futuristic app that more and more customers will use, including teens!

Pay via an in-app wallet

Users can easily top-up their wallet balance and pay from the same. Thus, no more adding credit card information or carrying cash to pay for the service.

Scheduling services

Your customers can now schedule services through an app like Gojek! By clicking on ‘BOOK LATER’, customers will be able to choose a preferred timeslot and book the service for a later day and time.

VOIP-based Call masking

Customers and providers can now easily communicate with each other on voice calls via the app.

The calls are VOIP-based which means that neither party will be able to see the caller/receiver’s number on the screen. In simpler words, this call will take over the internet. Therefore, no calling charges and no sharing of personal information.

In Conclusion:

If you really want to launch a fully-fledged on-demand multi-service business in 2022, you must quickly get in touch with the experts who can White-label an app like Gojek!

When you get the solution, integrate it with the necessary features, services, earning methods, etc., and start the development process!

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