How to Sell Morgan Silver Dollars

How to Sell Morgan Silver Dollars

Do you have some Morgan Silver Dollars on you, and you wish to sell? If yes, then you lucky to have landed on this page. Today’s article will provide you with the kind of insight coin dealers possess in other to help you sell your Morgan silver Dollar like a pro.

Before you dive right into how you can sell your Morgan silver dollars, it is important that you understand that not all Morgan silver dollars are created alike. What this means is that there are some silver dollars that are lower mintage or rare coins, while others are just common date coins.

The value of Morgan silver Dollar can start from as low as $10 to as high as $100 and the rate is also influenced by the dollar to naira black market rate today. However, the most expensive Morgan Silver dollar is the MS65-graded coins, which was soldfor a whooping sum of $300,000 at the 1889 CC auction. Hence, you can get quite a nice value for your Morgan silver dollars is sold right.

See how to sell your Morgan silver dollars, and the value you can get for these silver coins in this post.

About the Morgan Silver Dollar

Morgan silver dollarsalso known as “Cartwheels” are series of one-dollar coins designed by George T. Morgan in 1878. Morganswere first minted from 1878to 1904, then after 16 years, they were minted again in 1921 for one more year.

Morgan silvers were the first set of standard silver dollars minted since the production of that denomination, but it’s production was ceased due to the passage of the Fourth Coinage Act, which also ended the free coining of silver.

Morgan Silver dollars are 90% silver coins. They were minted at different mint locations which include San Francisco, New Orleans, Denver, Carson City, and Philadelphia.

How to Sell Your Morgan Silver DollarsOnline

These are several ways to sell your Morgan silver dollars online, but in this post, I’ll be showing you how to sell your Morgan silvers via the recommended CashforSilverUSA platform. See procedures below:

  1. The first step to selling your Morgan silvers is to visit CashforSilverUSA
  2. Click on Prepaid Mailer
  3. Fill the form displayed on the screen
  4. The mailer will be sent to you free of charge
  5. Place your Morgan silvers inside the mailer and send it back to CashforSilverUSA.
  6. You can request the mailer to be picked up from your residence
  7. After appraising of your Morgan silvers within 24 hours of receipt, you will be sent an offer.
  8. Check if the offer sent is to your linking, and if it is, then accept it.
  9. After accepting the offer, you will be paid either by check, bank wires or PayPal within the next 24 hours.
  10. However, if you don’t accept the offer, then your Morgan silvers will be returned to you. No service fee required, it will be returned free of charge.

How much is the Morgan Silver Dollar coin worth?

The Morgan silver dollar coin weighs 26.73g, and 90% of this is made up of pure silver, while the remaining 10% is made of copper. Hence, it’s melt price can be evaluated as the price of 24.057g of silver, which is about $11.363 in today’s market.Morgan silver’s worth are also influenced by the rarity or the Morgan silver, the year and condition of the coin.


Morgan silver dollars can fetch you quite the price if sold right. Follow the guidelines in this post to sell your Morgan silvers and earn some cash. Remember to keep the coins in good condition, as the condition of the coin can affect its value.



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