How to Choose a Pipedrive Consultant

Whether you are a small business owner or a large corporation, you will likely need a Pipedrive consultant to assist you in developing an effective strategy for your business. However, how can you be sure that you are hiring a good consultant? Here are a few tips to help you choose the right one.

Leads inbox

Using Pipedrive’s Leads Inbox to manage your leads is a great way to make sure you don’t miss important leads. In Pipedrive, you can filter leads by source, label, and activity. You can also edit and delete leads and even create new columns.

The Leads Inbox is a relatively new feature in Pipedrive. It’s a place for you to manage your leads and keep them separate from your sales pipeline. You can also track leads with the help of Pipedrive’s native Insights feature.

The Leads Inbox can be found on the left hand side of the top navigation bar in Pipedrive. It’s a small inbox that displays a table of information about your leads. The table is made up of a few columns, including a small blue circle with a “new lead” indicator. You can also click the “add lead” button to add a new lead to your pipeline.

The best thing about the Leads Inbox is that it’s available to all Pipedrive users. It’s also an easy way to manage leads and keep them separate from your sales pipeline.

The Leads Inbox can be accessed through an extension. The LeadBooster extension can be used to automatically send new leads to your Leads Inbox. You can also use the extension to integrate a messaging service. The extension uses the same client_secret as the OAuth token exchange.

It can also be used to import and export leads and deals from other CRM systems. You can also use the lead widget to create your own custom labels and filters.

If you’re new to Pipedrive, you may want to start with its lead management features. Pipedrive is one of the most customizable CRMs around, so you can customize it to suit your business needs. You can also add custom fields, filter leads by source, and create automated workflows.

Visual sales dashboard

Having a visual sales dashboard is a great way to keep track of your sales performance. It allows you to monitor your team’s progress and discover winning strategies. It can also be used to pinpoint bottlenecks in your sales process.

Pipedrive’s sales dashboards provide a simple, visual overview of sales data. It shows your salespeople’s activity, deals, and client communications. It also provides granular reporting on key metrics, including conversion rate and average deal size. You can also set goals to keep your sales team focused on success.

Pipedrive allows users to customize their sales dashboards to reflect the needs of their business. They can filter by sales rep, product, or segment. You can also move or remove report blocks, and change the size of report blocks. You can also share your dashboard with other people.

Pipedrive is a crm tool monday that helps your business manage its sales process. It automates many common tasks, such as scheduling appointments and sending follow-up emails. It also provides a platform for sales reps to frame deals with a prospect’s interests.

Pipedrive has a number of integrations, including Google Sheets. Users can set up custom connections with other cloud services and integrate data from other systems. It also offers a number of pre-built API queries.

Pipedrive has a number of features, including forecasting models and custom fields. It also integrates with Trello, Google Apps, and Yesware.

You can set goals on deals, activities, pipelines, and value-based metrics. You can track your team’s progress against a quota, based on your goals, and compare actuals to forecasts.

Email tracking

Adding an email tracking feature to Pipedrive is an easy task. The best part is that it gives your team valuable insights into the success of your email campaigns. It allows you to keep track of your email conversations with customers and vendors. It also makes it easier to make decisions.

Pipedrive offers an easy-to-use CRM system that helps users close deals. It has a variety of helpful tools to help you measure your business’s performance. You can use its metrics to help team members, as well as to schedule activities. The Pipedrive app also features an intuitive design that makes it easy to see everything from one centralized location.

The Pipedrive app is available in 13 languages. It supports Google business apps and is also integrated with Zoho CRM and RightSignature. You can also add custom reports to your Pipedrive account. It also has a mobile app. You can use the app to schedule calls and meetings, as well as manage and track business opportunities.

The Pipedrive CRM app makes it easy to organize and prioritize leads, deals, and opportunities. It also makes it easier to communicate with other teams. It also features an easy-to-use interface that makes it easy for new users to navigate. The app also has a chat option that allows you to contact support.

The email tracking feature is available in all plans, including the Professional and Enterprise plans. The app allows you to create a tracking pixel in an email and trigger it when a contact opens it. However, it will not be able to provide tracking information for an email if the recipient is set to disable images.


Whether you are a consultancy or solution provider, a Pipedrive consultant can help you improve your sales process. This can lead to increased revenue and streamlined efficiencies. Whether you are new to Pipedrive or want to upgrade your Pipedrive CRM, Pipedrive consultants can customize your system.

Pipedrive is a software CRM that helps you create sales pipelines and deals. This helps your sales team prioritize leads and track your revenue. Pipedrive is simple and easy to use. You can create new pipelines for different clients and products. You can also use the Forecasting feature to estimate new clients. This helps you save time and money.

Pipedrive is also integrated with other software and tools, including Mailigen, Lead Booster, Asana, Slack and Zapier. These tools deliver data into Pipedrive and allow you to send emails and other messages directly from your platform. You can also use Asana to assign tasks, share notes and schedule calendars. You can also create a customized Reporting dashboard.

AGILIZA has been implementing Pipedrive since 2018. AGILIZA helps companies automate their business processes. They also implement other leading technologies to help companies grow their business.

Pipedrive consultants can also help you implement new methods of work and connect your software and tools. They can map out your current processes and recommend new methods of work. They can also develop customized interfaces for your Pipedrive.

Return on investment

Using a CRM like Pipedrive can be a great way to streamline your sales process. It will also help you build trust with your clients. This will also help you expand your business.

Pipedrive also helps you with prospecting. It allows you to create your own pipelines. You can create forecasts and personalized reports, making it easier to stay on top of your sales. It also makes it easier to send invoices and follow up on unanswered emails. This is especially useful if you’re working in a field that requires repetitive tasks.

It can also sync data automatically. There are even some nifty features like digital signing. This is particularly useful for consultants.

Pipedrive also has the ability to create a visual sales pipeline. It’s not uncommon for consultants to work on several different clients. This makes it essential that you have a comprehensive tool to track your progress. This can be done with Pipedrive’s built in calendar and email features.

The best CRM systems will also be able to give you high-level dashboards and reporting features. The most impressive of these features is a system that can display data from multiple sources. It may also require you to setup conditions to ensure you get the most out of your dashboard.

Using a CRM like Pipedrive will help you free up your sales team and focus on new clients. You’ll also get a visual sales “pipeline” to help you manage your activity. This makes it easier to identify new opportunities. It also shows you the most important metrics to know. It is also a useful tool when communicating with senior management. You can also get a sense of the health of your consulting business.

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