Here Are Some Easy-to-use Learning Applications for Trading

Here Are Some Easy-to-use Learning Applications for Trading

Getting started with your investing journey can be quite overwhelming. With so many important aspects of handling, such as what to invest, where to invest, and how to invest, it can lead to confusion without proper guidance. If you are a beginner, choose an investing platform for trading whose learning tools would make it easier to learn trading better.

Fortunately, with the advancement of the FinTech industry, you are now blessed with various reliable trading tools and platforms. The platform stock brokers make it easier for beginners to access the stock market with easy-to-learn interfaces and without cost.

So, this list here will walk you through the best stock trading learning tools that offer an excellent user interface and help to build long-term wealth.

1.     Finixio AL

Finixio AL is one of the best cryptocurrency trading platforms, making it easier for experienced traders and beginners to profit from the trading market. This platform uses AI, or Artificial Intelligence services, to predict the volatile crypto market’s moves for issuing trading signals that will help generate profits.

This cryptocurrency trading platform claims to use AI to produce high-quality trading signals. According to the company, using past price trends, its AI system can forecast the direction and size of impending crypto price moves.

Its website states that traders may use these forecasts to trade cryptocurrencies and perhaps generate profit. Trading signals can be responded to manually or automatically using the platform’s built-in features thanks to Finixio AI. The Finixio AI website states that there are no costs associated with trading or accounts on this cryptocurrency trading platform, and it doesn’t charge a commission from user earnings.

2.     Wealthfront

Wealthfront offers consumers a digital-only, robust investment experience through an appealing, streamlined design that allows them access to a full range of money management functions. The goal-setting, account aggregation, financial advice, banking, and investment choices are easy to use and user-friendly. The Self-Driving Money feature from Wealthfront enables you to automate the finances further by using a rules-based technique to transfer the money across the accounts while optimizing the objectives, giving you full control over the user’s financial journey.

The mobile apps for the iOS and Android platforms are excellent and, in terms of features, usefulness, and simplicity of navigation, are on par with a desktop experience. The app’s smart design makes it apparent that it aims to reduce users’ time typing or entering redundant data. Instead, it uses more user-friendly sliders, drop-down menus, and auto-fill features.

When joining external accounts, you will still need to provide user IDs and passwords; otherwise, the operations are clear and standardized. Overall, Wealthfront is a fantastic Robo-advisor, and its website offers a polished, intelligent user experience and access to a wider variety of comprehensive money management tools.

3.     SoFi

SoFi is a great choice for newbies because of its simple-to-use interface and affordable prices. At SoFi Invest, you can get started with just $1, and there are no trading commissions or ongoing account fees. Even SoFi automated investing’s managed portfolio offering, where your ETFs are fully selected and managed for you, is free.


The software makes it simple to discover prospective investing options by including stocks and ETFs that are categorized. Although the investing information is not the most thorough, there is plenty to get you started and help you make trading judgments. In addition to trading cryptocurrencies for Ethereum, bitcoin, dogecoin, and more than 27 other coins, the app also offers articles on financial education.  SoFi provides free financial planning sessions for all subscribers and other perks outside of the app.

4.  Plynk

Plynk is a trading app that may help you start investing and learn as you go, and they’re now giving new account incentives of up to $50. The Plynk app assists novice investors in placing their funds into a portfolio of investments. Plynk, in particular, provides access to various equities, ETFs, mutual funds, and cryptocurrencies, all starting at one dollar.

The site explains investment principles in simple, understandable terms. It includes no jargon, no elaborate tables or charts – just straightforward instructions and advice. Plynk Explore allows you to search for investments depending on your interests. After completing a few simple questions, the program will show stock, ETF, and mutual fund choices that fit your investment comfort level.

To help you build financial literacy, this platform offers courses and lessons on various financial education, including educational content, tips, and how-to videos. By engaging in recurrent investments, the Plynk app enables you to adopt a strong investing strategy called dollar-cost averaging. You may develop a disciplined investing habit and lessen the stress from market fluctuations by consistently investing a certain dollar amount over time, regardless of the up-down of the market.

5.  TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade has two robust applications and $0 fees when you trade. This has made it a top choice for both iPhone and Android smartphones among the other mobile apps in 2022. The package includes the robust think or swim app, whose capabilities and sophisticated charting nearly mimic those of its online and desktop versions, and TD Ameritrade Mobile, which tries to mirror the client web interface.

With features like news, price alerts, synchronizing watch lists, and simple charting, along with ratings and research reports from third-party suppliers, TD Ameritrade Mobile is excellent for novice investors.

For technical analysis experts, the think or swim mobile app’s array of cutting-edge charting packages includes more than 400 indicators. Intelligent architecture and design also make it simple to construct complex order kinds. Along with the TD Ameritrade Network, traders have access to CNBC’s 24/7 broadcasting of news headlines and TV streams throughout the trading week.

6.  Interactive Brokers

With its potent desktop-based Trader Workstation flagship product, Interactive Brokers consistently stands out in the industry. Although arguably not the ideal option for newbies, its mobile app is similarly remarkable and gives investors access to any tool or feature they might need.

The app’s standout features include the following.

  • Portfolio management.
  • Sophisticated charting with 70 configurable indicators.
  • Lightning-fast streaming data.
  • Full-featured order input.

Stock alerts cannot be sent by push notification; instead, they are sent via email, which is a perplexing negative.

The Interactive Broker’s app will also offer some of the best applications for stock investors who screen for environmental and social issues. This platform’s new impact app aims to increase environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing interest. The users may choose personal values while identifying objectionable corporate practices like carbon emissions and animal testing. This trading app can identify the companies supporting these values, allowing investors to swap the portfolio’s positions in exchange for a single trade.

7.  Robinhood

Robinhood became the first commission-free stock trading app by lowering trading costs to $0.01. If they intended to remain relevant to retail investors, other companies in the sector had no choice but to follow. Like Robinhood, other new stock trading mobile app choices. Have emerged in recent years, many of which are included on this list.

The service allows commission-free stock trading, commission-free ETF trading, commission-free options trading, and commission-free penny stock trading. On either its desktop trading platforms or its mobile app, Robinhood does not offer mutual funds.

The stock trading software from Robinhood has a straightforward interface and covers the fundamentals of stock trading. By keeping it simple, many people have found this handy for placing their transactions. There are no minimum account requirements for Robinhood brokerage accounts, and securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) insurance covers all the brokerage accounts with Robinhood.

In Summary

Do you want a learning tool or an investment platform? Consider how you’ll utilize investment apps before looking for the best learning tool or platform for trading. This will help you to choose the best tool according to your requirements. While some programs have extremely minimal prices and provide commission-free trading, others contain fees that might significantly reduce your investing profits. Make sure the app or broker offers cryptocurrency trading if you’re interested in trading them. This is because not all brokers do the same.


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