Gojek Clone Script: The 4-Step Plan to Become an Entrepreneur

Launch an online business with the greatest on-demand app solution ever made – the Gojek Clone Script! This script is a pre-written code for robust apps, websites, KISOK apps, taxi booking apps, and more. 

With this pre-built solution, you need not waste much of your time and money on developing multi-service apps. Let’s launch your business together. 

gojek clone KingX 2022

An Easy 4-Step Plan to launch an on-demand business 

2022 is almost over. Now, is the perfect time to launch a business that can help you make more money and increase your sales. 

  • Test the demo app 

Take the demo app trial before you plan to purchase the apps. Remember, the demo app trial is always free!

So, take the demo app trial for as long as you want. While taking the demo of the clone apps, look for the quality of the app, what services & features you wish to integrate, and several other components. 

Also, take note of the quality of the app. If you find that the quality of the Gojek Clone Script is not up to the mark, move forward to testing the demo app from another firm. 

  • Place the order and start the development 

If you think that it is the perfect app for your on-demand business, go ahead and place the order. The app development team will start working on your project as soon as you purchase the app. 

Moreover, white-labeling and customizing the app takes less than a week! In short, a unique app with your name & logo, the color theme of choice, preferred language, currencies, and payment gateways will be ready in no time! 

The experts will take the Gojek Clone Script and make it exactly as you want it! 

  • Review and approve 

After developing the apps, the team will upload them to the firms’ development server. Here, the entrepreneur will be able to access the app and review it. 

If they think that it is the perfect app for your business, show it a thumbs up so that the team can submit them to the App Stores. 

  • Launch on App Stores 

iOS and Android apps are launched on the respective App Stores. After the app stores approve the apps, your customers can download and install them from the stores. 

Isn’t that so easy to launch a fully-fledged, multi-service app like Gojek? 

Gojek Clone Script Essentials 

This on-demand multi-service app script has everything your business needs to spread brand awareness, get more sales, and even launch it in different parts of the world. 

Now, when you get the script, ensure that it has various modern features! 

Login with Face ID and Fingerprint 

Costumes can log in to the app using a biometric authentication system. That is, with the help of Face ID and Fingerprint, customers can log in to the app.


This also means that they no longer need to remember the usernames and passwords every time they wish to log in. 

Ratings & Review 

The script must also integrate another feature where your customers can rate and review the services/providers. 

Safety Ratings & Reviews

Here, your customers can add reviews and give a star rating to the providers. Furthermore, the same rating & review section also has the option to ‘mark provider as favorite’ option. 

Order Timeline

The Gojek Clone Script also integrates a feature where customers can see the timeline right from placing the order until it is delivered. This feature gives every customer a better idea about the different order stages,  the time, and the progress of their order. 

As soon as there is progress in the order, the timeline displays the same. 

Real-time Order Tracking 

Customers can track their orders in real time. Thus, on the map, customers can see the live location of the delivery driver. 

Real-time tracking

Besides the location tracking, customers are also able to see the estimated time of arrival and the order timeline. 

In Conclusion: 

Summing up, it is clear that if you want to launch an app that offers an array of on-demand services and helps to make you more money, you must get a Gojek Clone Script!

Get access to the best Gojek Clone Demo and get started business with the development of your app.

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