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Global Warming Fact or Fiction – You Decide

Fact or fiction about global warming


Fact or fiction about global warming is the question we will try to solve today. There are many different opinions on this topic, and each of them has just as many different points of view, further complicating the issue. If you’re asking yourself what global warming is, don’t worry, we’ll get to that.


Now that it is our job to give you an unbiased view on this subject, we state clearly and correctly that we believe that technically man has an adverse effect on the environment, primarily through carbon dioxide emissions. In our view, the real question should be how much we influence it, but that’s beside the point.


Global Warming Fact or Fiction – Here are the Facts!


So what is global warming? In general definition, it is essentially the result of the breakdown of our natural atmosphere. This breakdown is thought to occur for a variety of reasons; most often associated with the accumulation of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.


Now let’s go through the facts of the case and then we can get down to the fiction commonly associated with the concept of global warming. The Global Warming Facts are quite clear in their interpretation, but let’s go through them anyway to make up your own mind about Global Warming Facts or Fiction! It’s important not to get distracted by global warming fiction when trying to make an educated decision one way or the other, so here are the facts of the case.


Fact #1 – Internal combustion engine


Since the dawn of the 20th century, man has continuously pumped carbon dioxide emissions into the sky through combustion-type energy production. It is estimated that humanity has added 1 part in every 10,000 parts of CO2 to the atmosphere over the past 250 years.


The invention of the internal combustion engine has undoubtedly served us well, but with new energy production concepts being dealt with every day, we may no longer need mass combustion across the planet.


What is global warming in terms of carbon dioxide build-up? Carbon dioxide occurs naturally in our environment, but nature has been very specific in the amount of certain chemicals. Carbon dioxide from the male internal combustion engine contributes to the formation of pockets of gas in our atmosphere; which in turn weaken our ozone. There are actually a lot of facts about global warming, but for now let’s get on with it.


The main problem that scientists face in making the equivalent of the infamous internal combustion engine is balancing its energy consumption time. Until we solve this problem, we will be stuck with the good old fashion of fossil fuels. Are you now a little closer to the answer to the question Global Warming Fact or Fiction?


Fact #2 – The Industrial Revolution


As a result of the Industrial Revolution, humanity has accumulated more than 3.5 billion tons of “junk” lying in “junkyards” around the world. Most contain trash that biodegrades in a relatively short time; however, there is an estimated 70% of waste that could and still can be recycled.


Now we ask what is global warming in terms of industrial revolution and what are the facts about global warming? Leaving aside the carbon dioxide produced during this era, it is the accumulation of waste from mass production that contributes to the onset of toxic chemicals that collect in the ozone. The accumulation of said waste is fact in the Global Warming Fact or Fiction debate; however, it is the result of this build-up that we are not entirely sure about in terms of the effect on our environment when carried out over a long period of time.


It would be crazy to list specific numbers for each category of junk and how much there is, so instead we’ve picked the top three items that we’re most concerned about in our 21st Century Dumps.


Plastics and cars


The worst thing found in modern junkyards is plastic. It comes in many different types, sizes, textures and forms, but it’s the plastic that clutters our landfills and takes time to biodegrade. Another thing that plagues our junkyards is cars. They say there are enough crushed, battered and battered cars in modern junkyards to make this, so we wouldn’t have to create a “new” car for decades to come, at least if we just used scrap metal and parts. .




Last on our list of things to worry about in our junkyards is, well, trash. There is so much garbage sitting on our planet that is just degrading back into the earth and who can say what effect it has or will have on our atmosphere. We know that CO2 is not as good for the ozone as the countless tons of toxic fumes from the smoking piles of man-made treasures.


Hopefully these facts will shed some light on the Global Warming Fact or Fiction debate so you can make up your own mind. Now that we have a general answer to the question of what global warming is, and with the facts in hand, let’s look at some common fictions or myths about it and its effects on humanity.


Global Warming Fact or Fiction – Here’s the Fiction!


Global warming is an interesting topic because despite people’s willingness to come together on this issue one way or the other, we simply don’t have the technological ability to make a final decision one way or the other. We know that the facts about global warming change, but let’s look at the fiction of global warming to provide some balance.


The point is that the Earth is really big and has been around for a very long time. One is just beginning to scratch the surface of science and the secrets it holds. Here are some of the most commonly associated myths or fictions about global warming that we have collected so far.

Fiction #1 – The Earth is Frying


In the Global Warming Fact or Fiction debate, the most common misconception is the following. Earth losing its atmosphere in an instant and unfolding into a giant fireball is what scares some people when they think about global warming and how they interpret it.


Now, while the loss of Earth’s atmosphere is potentially likely, given what global warming is, it is highly unlikely that we would all burn up if it happened immediately. A more likely consequence of losing our protective shield would be that everyone and everything on Earth would be pulled into the vacuum of space.


I don’t know much better, but when it comes to global warming, we should be fine not to be burned to a crisp! However, if it didn’t happen immediately, then that’s a completely different story, and technically the Earth could fry over time with a coloring and disintegrating atmosphere!


Fiction #2 – The Earth Will Freeze


Two opposing terms in the Global Warming Fact or Fiction Debate: Shall we freeze or burn? With the power of what is global warming in our arsenal, let’s take a look at the chilly aspect of the debate!


This concept is more fiction than reality when it comes to global warming because, let’s say, our ozone suddenly disappeared. In that case, we’d all probably end up in space. If we lost it in a short period of time, we would probably all burn to death from the excess energy from the sun that was let into our domain.


However, Earth’s freezing is a stretch when it comes to Earth’s warming, isn’t it? It is theoretically possible that if enough accretion builds up in our atmosphere, the sun could be blocked from our view and the temperature could drop drastically. However, when we’re talking about the Earth and its warming, it’s much more likely that instead of blocking the Sun, the hole would burst and cause more heat and radiation to seep through.


Global warming fact or fiction in conclusion


What is global warming? We hope that after reading this report on global warming fact or global warming fiction you have a better understanding of the complexities of the issues and now that you understand global warming fact and global warming fiction you should have a better understanding. The concept is real, and it’s possible that Earth could burn to a crisp or freeze into a barren ball of ice; however, it is the means and rationale that determine whether either actually happens.


If man continues on his current path of extreme amounts of carbon dioxide being pumped into the atmosphere and continues to waste extraordinary amounts of materials every day, then it’s possible that we could actually see a combination of the freezing effect and the burning effect, who really knows.


The real takeaway from the Global Warming Fact or Fiction debate is simple, and that is to ask yourself, do you now know the answer to the question What is Global Warming? If you can answer that question, then all you have to do is answer one more, and that’s what I can personally do to help discourage the whole concept of bombing our planet’s atmosphere.


There are actually a number of things that individuals can do to help reduce the human footprint in our atmosphere, but that’s a topic for another day. For now, we hope you enjoyed this article on whether global warming is fact or fiction…


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