Expand Your Online Business With These On Demand Gojek Clone App Add-On Features

For the millennial age, the thought of doing a normal 9–5 job while seated in an office is not very appealing.

Being an entrepreneur is addictive. Period!

Own your own business.

Make independent judgments, increase revenue, etc.

Without a question, it seems lucrative, but launching an on-demand multi-services app like Gojek requires a few cautious considerations to be successful quickly.

In 2022, present your Gojek Clone KingX and grow your business. 82+ services are covered on a single platform, all of which are flawlessly coordinated to run your business operations.

The key selling points of the V3Cube On Demand Gojek Clone App Add-on features are designed to boost productivity, expand your clientele, and improve revenue.

  • Medical Services Component

The Gojek App Clone Script’s most recent addition is this New Feature. With just a few clicks, on-demand medical services can provide prompt medical attention. Customers will be able to contact directly with their doctor, veterinarian, nurse, and physiotherapist as well as the local blood bank with the use of the services.

Multi services App

  • Online Video Consultation

With the use of this app function, users may now consult with specialists via chat or video conference rather than going to their offices or homes. With this method, specialists like trainers, physicians, attorneys, accountants, and others may be consulted.

  • Service Bid

The former app’s users had to choose the service providers from their lists. However, the new tool also offers consumers the chance to use it differently. Now they have the option to pick whether or not their job posting will appear on the app. Bids may be submitted by regional service providers who are interested in the role. The user may now select the service provider based on the cost they have provided for these services.

  • Delivery Genie

King X, the Gojek clone software for 2022, has a pretty interesting feature. A user can use this function to hire a delivery genie so they can handle errands like obtaining their lunch, picking up the laundry, and other similar jobs.

  • IWatch App for Apple Users

Getting a taxi is a lot easier for your Apple Users. The iWatch App enables them to book a taxi using their smartwatch. We’ve included some of the greatest features on the market to ensure that the Apple Watch app runs without a hitch and that your customers can take advantage of the convenience of ordering a cab directly from their iWatch.

  • There are 25 different currencies and languages available.

The app allows you to incorporate 25 different currencies and languages into your app. This includes both the US dollar and the British pound sterling. You no longer have to worry about starting the app in a country where you don’t speak English or use US dollars.

Furthermore, Users can make reservations over the phone. We appreciate that not everyone, such as the elderly, is as techie or as familiar with the functions of a smartphone. As a result, KingX 2022 App includes complex and advanced features like “Booking Services” via “Website by Users” and by “Backend Team” from their Panel when they receive Service Requests though calls, to make it easier for them as well as people who are not very techie.

Your consumers just call you, describe the service they want, and you make the booking for them.  This guarantees your protection and that of the business. The owner can dispatch services at the same rate as if they were done through the App and accept requests from people who do not have the App.

Obtain V3Cube Gojek-Like App for a Reasonable Price

When it comes to creating a competitive, market-proven, fully complete on-demand application, V3Cube is a top name.

With new components, features, and functionalities recently released, Gojek Clone Script takes into account shifting fashion trends and consumer behavior.

The organization, which has been creating top-notch Gojek clones for more than ten years, has received numerous honors and awards that attest to its knowledge and expertise in this field.

To obtain the Free Live Demo, contact the corporate representative right away. Additionally, the Multi services App can be customized to your specifications to meet your company’s needs. You can also add additional paid add-ons to quickly scale your business.

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