James Patrick's Rise

A part gig converted into a publishing career – James Patrick’s Rise

Launching a company in the present world is about solving a need, and James Patrick Photography is this much by delivering high–quality, remarkable photographs. Starting his career as a photojournalist, James Patrick always dared to dream and pursued his goals relentlessly with gusto. Thus, transitioning from a reporter to a photographer of fitness enthusiasts and other subjects has helped position his company and brand, James Patrick Photography, in to a venture worth looking out for.

James Patrick has built a name for himself in the photography world being an award-winning and internationally published photographer whose work has appeared on over 600 magazine covers globally. In addition, he’s worked with various commercial and editorial clients in fitness, sports, fashion, and beauty. He’s set himself apart with the quality of work he delivers for his clients and simply how much he’s helped many individuals boost their images with clear, crisp, high-definition photographs.

Understanding that brands and individuals have to be projected to the proper audience for growth drives James Patrick.Thus, he took a pastime in the fitness industry to simply help its players be noticeable and garner enough audience attention to develop their business. James also helps fitness entrepreneurs feature on the top media platforms to amplify their authority and generate leads for their businesses. James’mastery of photography and his annual conference, FITposium, which gives attendees exclusive opportunities to land top media features, have helped many fitness entrepreneurs achieve immense growth.

As an entrepreneur has given James Patrick an insight to the challenges that business owners face. “The capability to be noticeable to the proper audience is the largest challenge for so many entrepreneurs. That’s why the ability of the media is really critically important. It not just adds clout and credibility to one’s brand. That’s why I lean so heavily into earned media features from magazines, top podcast spots and more,” he said. A few of the publications and media platforms that James Patrick Photography has featured in include Sports Illustrated, STRONG Fitness Magazine, Oxygen Magazine, GolfMagazine, Muscle & Fitness Magazine, Men’s Fitness Magazine, ShapeMagazine, eBay, Train Magazine, Fitness Magazine, Rodale and many more.

James hoped to be always a beacon of hope for aspiring and established entrepreneurs. He acknowledges that many individuals have great ideas, but the shortcoming to implement them is the key reason they are stalled and miss valuable chances. He experienced something similar when he created an outline for his first book but didn’t proceed with finishing or publishing it when another author wrote something similar, which became a bestseller. From that experience, he became an action-taker, charging everyone to function as the same.

James Patrick has two bestselling books, “Fit Business Guide: The Workout Plan for Your Brand” and “Fit Business Online: Establish, Market and Profit from Your Fitness Brand.” He highlights the importance of quality images for just about any individual or brand and how it aids promotion, marketing and placement in the audience’s minds. Being tenacious and focused have helped James advance his career, and he hopes to expand his work portfolio to cover more industries over the next few years.

For more information:

Website : https://jamespatrick.com/

IG : https://www.instagram.com/jpatrickphoto/?hl=en

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