Why Do People Prefer Linux OS in Shared Hosting in India?

The website owners beginning to host their websites often require feasible & efficient web hosting solutions. This is where the Linux shared hosting in India fits perfectly in the place. A shared server hosting is a web hosting solution that enables you to share & acquire the exact hosting space & resources your website needs. 

Further, when your web host runs Linux operating system on a shared server, it is called Linux shared hosting in India. Linux brings its own amazing benefits & hosting features on a shared web server. In this guide, you will learn the significance of Linux shared hosting as well as the features you must look for in the web hosting company to purchase your best Linux shared hosting India. 

Linux Hosting: Brief Description

Linux shared hosting in India involves the Linux operating system which is an open-source platform. Since Linux is free to employ, the cost of Linux shared server hosting is much less than other kinds of shared server web hosting plans. Further, it brings high flexibility features and huge community technical support. 

Why Do People Prefer Linux OS for Shared Hosting in India?

Why Do People Prefer Linux OS for Shared Hosting in India?

Here are the reasons why most people choose to opt for Linux shared hosting in India for hosting their websites – 


Every website owner requires scalability in order to host their website smoothly without any hassle. With Linux shared hosting in India, you can quickly upgrade as well as downgrade the web resources of your web hosting plan with utmost ease. This further allows you to grow your website & its customer base efficiently.  

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High data security

The Linux shared hosting in India comes with a secure & isolate

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Language support

Since the best Linux shared hosting in India incorporates the Linux operating system, you get high support for numerous languages such as PHP, Apache, MySQL, etc. Further, there are many Windows-based applications too that you can constructively run on your Linux shared hosting web server. 

User-friendly interface

The most remarkable thing about Linux shared hosting in India is the interface that it brings. The interface you get with your Linux shared server hosting plan gives you the freedom to make easy changes and build the code as you require. Further, for the less tech-savvy users, web hosting companies provide cPanel with Linux shared hosting. The cPanel offers a highly user-friendly interface that enables anyone to skillfully manage, run, and secure website hosting with high efficiency. 

What Are The Features You Must Seek in a Linux Web Hosting Company?

What Are The Features You Must Seek in a Linux Web Hosting Company?

Mentioned below listed are the hosting features you must take into consideration before you pick any web host for buying a cheap Linux shared hosting in India – 

  • Your web host must provide you with 24/7/365 technical & customer support service through experts or specialists.
  • Your website must obtain the highest uptime network. 
  • Your web host’s data centers must deliver the highest network connectivity & secure channels. 
  • With Linux shared web hosting in India, you must acquire the cPanel control panel.
  • You must acquire scalable web resources. 
  • Your website must acquire high-level data security features with the SSL certificate. 

A dependable, as well as a top-leading web host that can let you acquire these features & make the best usage of your Linux, shared web hosting in India is Hostbillo. Hostbillo is the fastest advancing web hosting company that is highly renowned for providing the best Linux shared hosting India plans & packages at the cheapest cost pricing. The company offers powerful web hosting servers with top-tier infrastructure. 

You also receive the support of enterprise-grade hardware & resilient web technologies for seamless performance. Further, you obtain the following incredible hosting advantages with Hostbillo’s Best Linux shared hosting in India – 

7 Days credit back assurance

The company provides 7 days credit back guarantee with all the Linux shared server web hosting plans & packages. This lets you acquire credibility of the plans & safe investment. 

Weekly data backup

You can access the weekly data backup option in order to protect your website’s data in all situations. 

Free one-click installer

With the Best Linux shared hosting in India, you obtain the Softculous one-click installer absolutely free of cost. This enables you to install & operate any number of applications in just a few simple clicks. 

100% SSD data storage

You receive 100% SSD (Solid-State Drives) data storage from the Hostbillo web hosting company. This helps your website deliver smooth as well as fastest performance without any unnecessary downtime. 



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