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What exactly is Vudu precisely? It’s a streaming platform that provides paid and free content at no monthly cost. The users can rent films or T.V. programs for up to 24 hours or purchase content that they can access anytime from all devices. It’s also free to stream content, especially if you’re not bothered by commercials.


Vudu history

Vudu is a streaming digital video streaming service that was first introduced as an internet-ready set-top box called the Vudu Box that was available at Best Buy stores in 2008. The New York Times reported that Vudu received the backing of all major studios (with only Sony Pictures) and 15 smaller studios. Customers could now purchase high-definition video to own, called HDX, in the very first instance.

However, the company decided to abandon the Vudu Box to focus on selling and distributing digital content through HDTVs and Blu-ray players. Walmart bought Vudu in 2010 after the retail giant could not compete with the Apple iTunes platform.

Is Vudu a subscription service?

No. It’s a digital media delivery platform that is only. You can sign up for an account for free, stream the platform’s content for free (with commercials), and also purchase content that you can watch at any time using Vudu’s app or on a connected platform that is compatible. Rentals are also available.

How do I get access to Vudu?

Vudu is accessible on a variety of devices through dedicated applications. In some instances, it is necessary to use an online browser. The Chromecast needs an extra device to “cast” content. It is important to note that the Nintendo Switch does not support Vudu.

What Other Plans Does Vudu Offer?

Beyond the free, ad-supported streaming service, Vudu does not provide additional paid monthly plans. However, it permits customers to rent or purchase an extensive selection of films and T.V. shows that are not available in its free subscription. The rentals are made by title; therefore, this part of the service is more similar to iTunes’ iTunes store but is not a streaming service. Most movies on Vudu cost between $3 to $6 (sometimes an extra amount for the most prominent names and newer releases). Full episodes of television shows are priced at more than $20.

Does Vudu Have a Free Trial?

Vudu does not provide an opportunity to try a trial for free because it doesn’t have any monthly or contract fees. You’ll need to sign up for a Vudu account to stream content. No credit card is required to establish an account.

Vudu devices at the same time

Vudu does not specify how many screens can stream simultaneously on one account, but it is a free service. Nothing stops users from establishing additional accounts to bypass any potential limitations. Many other streaming services we’ve reviewed let you stream on several devices simultaneously; this is useful if two people in your family want to view a different video.

What Shows and Movies Are on Vudu?

  • 3rd Rock From the Sun
  • Alf
  • A Little Princess
  • Bloodshot
  • Clerks 2
  • Mr. Bean

Vudu offers more than 10,000 films and T.V. shows with its free subscription. It is a bit low on significant new releases. However, you might discover a few more well-known alternatives among its earlier releases, especially in the realm of T.V., such as the”Sittingcom “3rd Rock from the Sun,” certain “Hell’s Kitchen” seasons, and the U.K. version of “Shameless” are all available for download. For movies, the majority of the library consists of lesser-known movies, which are often less expensive, second-tier Hollywood productions such as “Titanic 2” – although there are a few well-known titles such as “National Lampoon’s Van Wilder” are available.

If you’re seeking to buy or rent T.V. and films on it, there is a selection much more extensive and includes new Hollywood movies and shows from various networks such as Showtime as well as HBO. The paid-for side that comes with Vudu functions more as a store rather than a streaming service. It would help if you were charged for each title; however, most of the options for viewing are available elsewhere on streaming platforms at similar (or even more affordable) rates.

In contrast to some services, it doesn’t offer live sports streaming. For other streaming services that provide sports, check out our list of the best sports streaming services in 2022.


How Many User Profiles Can You Have on it?

There is only one profile for each user on your Vudu account. If you want to open your account to other users, they’ll require you to provide those users with your login and username. If you’re sharing it with children, the Vudu app comes with an integrated Kids Mode with appropriate content for kids. Could you make sure you turn it on?

360 Methodology for Streaming Services

We offer recommendations based on assessing what is essential to reviewers and consumers. We communicate what’s important about a streaming service based on an honest review of the product. Our aim to equip customers with the knowledge and tools necessary for making an educated purchasing decision.

Find out more regarding the 360 Reviews model for evaluating streaming services here.

Can You Watch it With a VPN?

  • CyberGhost
  • Surfshark
  • ExpressVPN

Vudu claims in its support forums that you cannot stream the service if connected to the VPN. Because Vudu is only available within the U.S., having a VPN can permit you to access Vudu’s videos even when you’re out of the country, but it’s not guaranteed that it will work. Three VPNs that work with Vudu include CyberGhost, ExpressVPN, and Surfshark, and each rank among our Top VPN Services list for 2022.

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