Upgrade Your Ride with Headlight Restoration

Have you been driving around with dim, foggy, subpar headlights?  Is the cost of a total replacement causing you to continue driving with cloudy headlights?  Did you know that failing headlights may putyou and others at an increased risk for accidents?  There is a solution that is affordable and practical: headlight restoration.  This procedure is much more affordable than total replacement and effectively restores headlights to their original condition.  Restoring your headlights can provide many important benefits, including enhanced safety, improved vehicle aesthetics, and lowered maintenance costs.  Consider if headlight restoration is the right choice for your vehicle!

Safety is Supreme

When you are on the road, there’s not always much of a warning before inclement weather blows in.  This can result in you being caught in poor conditions like sleet, hail, thunderstorms, fog, snowstorms, rainstorms, etc.  When faced with these hazardous conditions, it is imperative to your safety and the safety of other motorists on the highway that you have clear visibility.  Your headlights play a huge part in lighting your way when the world goes dark via storms or even normal nighttime driving conditions.  Did you know that, as much as 70% of the light emitted from your headlights can be eliminated during nighttime driving due to cloudy headlights?  This can make it extremely difficult to see clearly leading to impaired vision or the abuse of high beam headlights, which can also be dangerous.  Remedy this problem with headlight restoration and avoid putting yourself in danger any longer.

Take Pride in Your Appearance

Take pride in your vehicle’s appearance with headlight restoration.  Cloudy headlights can instantly date your car, making its outward appearance look tired and worn.  Ensure the outward aesthetics of your car remain attractive for years to come by taking action today.  Headlight restoration is affordable, while delivering clear, shiny headlights to transform your vehicle.  Headlight restoration can also increase your vehicle’s equity, ensuring you get the most out of your trade-in or the resale of your car.

Trust the Professionals

DIY projects continue to grow in popularity.  Despite the ease of accessibility, think twice before you purchase a DIY kit from your local auto parts establishment.  Most of us are not trained mechanics.  In view of this, it is best to let the professionals handle important repairs, such as headlights.  With the modernization of vehicles, the assembly of components has become increasingly complex, making it difficult to access the headlights in many vehicles.  Not to mention, the difficult computer systems newer cars are equipped with make even simple repairs far more difficult, than in years past.  A DIY project can be difficult and time consuming.  If you make a mistake it could permanently damage the headlight, making it necessary to fully replace it, costing you additional money.  Be sure the job is done correctly and efficiently the first time; allow Superior Auto Image to restore your lights and replace the delicate wiring so you can get back on the road faster. Click here to book your headlight restoration today!

Money Talks

Total replacement is costly, typically costing roughly $250 per light, plus additional labor costs that vary business to business.  Allowing the skilled technicians at a restoration company to remove headlight haze saves you money, increases safety, and improves the exterior aesthetics of your vehicle for years to come!

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