The Definitive List of YouTube Channels for Music Producers (NEW)

Music producers are always looking for new and better ways to learn, watch, and explore. YouTube is the go-to site for brands and music lovers just like you. With its wealth of educational videos, this platform also has thousands of channels that concentrate on a range of musical production topics. The difficulty is often in finding the right fit! This guide will help you save time by highlighting the best channels to subscribe to on YouTube. Socialwick provides you vast views, subscribers and likes within a very reasonable price.  Check it out now so you don’t miss a beat! A list of lifestyle websites that educate people based on their needs such as: what type of food they should eat, when they should exercise, how many calories they should consume each day etc.


    Magazines and Online Publications

    Music Schools and Educational Channels

    Soundware Companies

    DAW Manufacturers

    Established Artists

    Recording and Engineering Channels

    DJ-Focused Channels

    General Channels


The Definitive List of YouTube Channels for Music Producers


We all know that YouTube is an excellent resource for learning just about anything, and music production is no exception. With the shift to online-based communities, collaborations, and education, it has become easier than ever to advance oneself professionally. Video has become the go-to medium for learning, and consequently music producers are quicker to learn concepts and skills like sound design and arrangement online as opposed to traditional methods. However, deciphering quality content from the masses can be difficult.


With this in mind, I’ve compiled a definitive list of the best available YouTube channels for music producers, broken down into the following categories: Magazines and Online Publications, Music Schools and Educational Channels, Soundware Companies, DAW Manufacturers, Established Artists, Recording and Engineering, DJ-Focused and General Channels.

Magazines and Online Publications


The official channels of these popular music production magazines and well-known online publications are some of the best places to find interviews, performance series, and in-the-studio videos that highlight the specific production methods, equipment setups, and stories behind well-known recording artists and producers. Many also offer a variety of production and sound design demos and tutorials, making these channels particularly well-rounded sources of information.


    Attack Magazine. Attack Magazine is a publishing offshoot of popular sample company Sample Magic and has a relatively new YouTube channel full of interviews and tutorials focused around house, techno, and underground genres. Tutorial topics include things like how to produce a deep retro house organ bass and electro laser synth sounds.

    Computer Music Magazine. This well-known publication has a YouTube channel that features over 500 plugin tutorials, artist masterclasses, product reviews, and news videos for beginners and advanced producers alike.

    FACTmagazine. With over 700 videos and 100,000 subscribers, British music and youth culture magazine FACT is known for interviewing higher-profile artists like Adele and Florence + The Machine early in their careers. This channel is particularly artist-focused, with documentaries, music festival coverage, top track and album lists, music production tutorials, and a remix tutorial series with renowned house remixer MK.

    Future Music Magazine. Future Music Magazine is a worldwide magazine focused on electronic music. This channel delivers high-quality and informative in-the-studio videos that provide an intimate look at the methods of some of the industry’s most well-known producers. Collaborations with companies like Steinberg (Cubase) give exclusive access to viewers who are interested in breaking down specific tracks and getting behind the scenes to learn artist-specific nuances.

    Sound on Sound Magazine. With over 1,100 videos and thousands of subscribers, this channel is a prolific resource covering recording technology and related topics. Videos include interviews, tutorials, hardware, and behind the scenes at major music shows like NAMM.

    Rhythm Magazine. The official channel of the UK’s best-selling drum magazine Rhythm is dedicated to all things drums, from essential drum lessons and practice methods, equipment reviews and demos, to interviews with the some of the industry’s top drummers.


Music Schools and Educational Channels


There are plenty of channels on YouTube focused on music education, but I’ve narrowed it down to the very best. Included in this list are channels of the top online and traditional music schools, as well as some notable independent educators. These channels offer comprehensive resources, from electronic music production and recording tutorials, to courses on music theory and other fundamentals.


    Dubspot. Authority channel Dubspot is an electronic music school with a comprehensive library of interviews and tutorials that cover topics like remaking tracks, music theory and other foundational skills, chords, music technology, and sound design.

    Rocket Powered Sound Tutorials. Rocket Powered Sound is an online music production school offering presets and tutorials specifically geared toward EDM–bass-oriented genres in particular. They provide weekly Serum and Massive bass tutorials, as well as “how to sound like” tutorials for artists like Skrillex and Virtual Riot.

    FaderPro. FaderPro is a house music-oriented educational channel for production tips and tricks that offers full electronic music production courses with some of the industry’s biggest names, including Mark Knight.

    Icon Collective. Icon Collective is an especially good educational resource for progressive producers. Serum creator Steve Duda presents video tutorials on the popular synth, and a chord-based music theory course is available. The channel also delivers production tips and tricks and an inspirational interview series called The Art of Flow.

    Music Production Tutorials. Danny J. Lewis (of house labels Defected Music and Strictly Rhythm) makes free production tutorials with the goal of educating people who can’t afford traditional training. With over 50,000 subscribers, this channel is a comprehensive resource for DAWs, sound design, beat programming, and DJ tutorials.

    Point Blank Music School. Well- known music production school Point Blank Music School offers courses in London, LA, and online. A full library of over 900 video masterclasses, tutorials, live course previews, interviews, and track deconstructions give viewers a well-rounded approach to learning the art of music production and engineering on this authority channel.

    Producertech. Producertech sells commercial music training courses, and offers courses in house, techno, and dubstep production, DJing, drumming, and free tutorials on synths, sound design, Ableton, and other DAWs. Hardware and software reviews and demos are available, as well as remix competitions and free giveaways.

    Pyramind. Pyramind is a music production school offering training programs in digital audio workstations, digital DJ tools, mixing, mastering, audio fundamentals, music business, video game sound, music theory, and performance. Live performance sessions and interviews are also available.

    Sonic Academy. Music technology-focused educational website and soundware company Sonic Academy has a YouTube channel dedicated to their plugins, music production tutorials, interviews with people in the EDM scene, DAW tutorials (Ableton, Cubase, Reason), and various tips and tricks.

    pureMix. Free masterclasses, interviews, mixing, mastering, and recording tutorials, and trailers for various pureMix mentor tutorial series can all be found on this channel. Popular video topics include compression, ProTools shortcuts, drum mixing, cleaning up vocals, aux sends, and other production fundamentals.

    Tom Cosm. New Zealand-based electronic music educator Tom Cosm gives video tutorials on electronic music production and live performance using Ableton Live. Techniques for remixing, using live DJ hardware, samples, as well as general production tips, tricks, and hacks are covered.

    wickiemedia. WickieMedia is an educational channel focused on audio engineering, sound design, and production tutorials, including tutorials on mixing, dynamics, processors, and general production concepts. Gear walkthroughs, subscriber questions, plugin overviews, and e-book audio engineering tutorials are also available here.

    Berklee Online. The official channel of the famed music school Berklee College of Music, Berklee Online offers a diverse set of resources for the well-rounded producer. From guitar lessons to tutorials on multi-band EQ, there’s something for everyone. This channel also houses a collection of sound design, songwriting, and production tutorials, as well as lessons in music business, and live performance.

    Lypur. Pianist and piano teacher Andrew Furmanczyk has a great channel for free education with his two free video series: How to Play Piano and Learn Free Music Theory. Technique, practice methods, and an extensive program of beginning and intermediate theory concepts, are all available.


Soundware Companies


These soundware companies have informative channels centered around their samples, presets, and plugins. These are great places to find overviews, demos, and reviews of different soundware, as well as learn specific sample, preset, and plugin-related techniques. Many also offer free giveaways, track breakdowns, sound design tutorials, and artist interviews.


    F9 Audio. One of the more reputable soundware companies is F9 Audio, run by James Wiltshire (of the Grammy-nominated production team Freemasons). On this educational channel you’ll find lots of music industry-related resources such as informational videos on royalties and downloads, as well as interesting tutorials on Ableton Live and Logic Pro X.

    FabFilter. FabFilter is a software company that develops world-renowned audio plugins and interfaces. This channel of over 25,000 subscribers provides useful information through tutorials on their own products, and the knowledge can be easily applied elsewhere, as they focus on fundamental topics like EQ and compression.

    Splice. Splice is a subscription-based soundware company. The YouTube channel consists of Splice Tips, which cover a variety of specific sound design and production techniques, and Splice Sessions, which examine actual session files for electronic dance songs.

    W.A. Production. This Czech soundware label’s YouTube channel is one of the best for free giveaways. W.A. Production has over 88,000 subscribers and regularly gives away free project files, templates, sample packs, loops, and presets. They also provide plugin reviews, quality advice on topics like promotion and earning money, and tutorial guides on plugins, FL Studio, mixing, and mastering.

    Plugin Boutique. A side company of legendary English sound design label Loopmasters, Plugin Boutique focuses on demos, tutorials, and reviews of their plugin inventory. A great educational resource, their videos include techniques, sound design tips, mixing tips, and more.

    Cymatics.FM. Increasingly popular American soundware company Cymatics is known for releasing presets and sample packs for bass and chill genres like chillstep, dubstep, and trap. Their YouTube channel offers Ableton tutorials on specific techniques like sidechaining, Serum sound design tutorials, in-the-studio videos, interviews, as well as music marketing advice.

    8Dio Productions. Music software company 8DIO is known for cinematic soundware featured in the soundtracks of blockbuster films like Avatar and The Hunger Games. On this channel, Academy Award-winning composer and producer Troels Folmann gives overviews and demonstrations of 8Dio instruments as well as tutorials that cover orchestration and stylistic techniques.

    ADSR Music Production Tutorials. Soundware company and distributor ADSR has a YouTube channel packed full of product demos, mixing tutorials, and sound design tutorials for popular synths like Massive, Serum, and Sylenth, as well as more intricate synths like Absynth. The channel is updated regularly and already has over 1,200 videos and over 100,000 subscribers.

    Freshly Squeezed Samples. Premium soundware company Freshly Squeezed Samples has over 200 videos available on a channel dedicated to high-quality quick tips, tutorials (drum programming, breakdowns), artist interviews with the likes of Dave Parkinson and Ilan Bluestone, two completely free full training courses on arrangement and layering in electronic dance music, and an in-the-studio breakdown with Temple One.

    FocusriteTV. The official channel of hardware and soundware company Focusrite, here you’ll find product demos as well as recording setup and technique tutorials, specifically for audio interfaces and guitars.

    iZotope, Inc. iZotope is a software company known for vocal processing, mastering, and audio restoration plugins. The YouTube channel offers the iZotope Pro Audio Essentials series, covering topics like EQ, compression, and digital audio basics. Tutorials on mixing, iZotope plugin tips and artist stories are also available.

    Loopmasters. One of the longest-running soundware companies, Loopmasters makes popular sample packs that are showcased on the YouTube channel. In addition, Loopmasters delivers tutorials on different DAWs, studio techniques, and sound design.

    Spitfire Audio. Spitfire Audio is a UK-based soundware company that makes well-known soundware libraries for cinematic music composition. Videos on how to build a recording studio, tutorials on their products, and production techniques are all covered on this channel.

    U-he Plugins. U-he Plugins makes some of the most well-known synths like Zebra, Diva, and Hive. This channel offers a variety of tutorials, including a full Zebra series, as well as artist interviews.

    Universal Audio. Well-known hardware and software manufacturer Universal Audio produces premium plugins, channel strips, interfaces, and consoles, demos for which can be found on their YouTube channel, along with tutorials on production techniques, and an artist performance series – UA Apollo Artist Sessions.

    Waves Audio. World-renowned software company Waves Audio makes plugins for mixing, mastering, and music production. The official channel has in-depth tutorials on working with vocals, reverb and delay, EQ and mixing, Waves Audio plugins, artist interviews with big names like Linkin Park, and educational webinars on topics like producing and mixing different genres, compressors, limiters, and expanders, and mixing film and game music.

    Primeloops. UK-based soundware company Prime Loops has a YouTube channel packed full of over 800 videos, with lots of “best of” lists (piano samples, garage samples, trap samples) and “how to sound like” videos. A variety of trendy soundware, tutorials, artist interviews, and competitions can be found here.


DAW Manufacturers


The official channels of these well-known digital audio workstation manufacturers provide many useful resources, from techniques and workflow to featured artist interviews and tutorials. These are great channels for producers looking to cultivate their expertise within a certain DAW, but the techniques and concepts can often be applied to a variety of different software.


    Studio One Expert. A wealth of tips and tricks can be found on the Studio One Expert channel, in union with the relatively new digital audio workstation PreSonus Studio One. Videos focus on more traditional genres such as rock and hip-hop, though many of these techniques can be applied to electronic music.

    Ableton. The official channel for popular DAW Ableton includes a library of over 200 videos that include artist stories (Gotye, Pantha du Prince), interviews, tips, tricks, and tutorials for the Ableton DAW and Ableton Push controller. Talks on overcoming creative blocks, improvisation, and similar topics are also available.

    Image-Line. The official channel for software company Image-Line (FL Studio) is a comprehensive library of over 600 videos related to using the FL Studio DAW, its plugins, and features. In-the-studio videos with FL Studio “Power Users” (some of the most well-known users) are available, as well as the latest updates to the DAW. This channel is informative beyond FL Studio, as most techniques can be applied to other DAWs as well.

    PreSonus Audio Electronics. Responsible for Studio One and other audio recording software, hardware, and accessories, PreSonus Audio Electronics publishes a live behind-the-scenes interview, performance, and tutorial series (PreSonus LIVE), along with equipment overviews and demos, artist documentaries, music education tutorials, and a free notation course.

    The REAPER Blog. This channel offers users of niche DAW Reaper training and support in the form of a Q&A series, Reaper updates and news, a tutorial series of over 160 videos, software reviews and demos, and more.

    FLP. Also known as FLP Family, FLP is a channel dedicated to distributing free project files for FL Studio. They give away full studio remakes, as well as EDM templates in various genres, such as progressive house and tropical house.

    Steinberg. Cubase designer and manufacturer Steinberg has an official YouTube channel full of Cubase tips, tricks, and tutorials, an artist performance and interview series, overviews of Steinberg software like Nuendo 7 (game audio) and WaveLab Pro 9, support videos, and overviews of Steinberg mobile apps.

    Propellerhead. Responsible for the classic DAW Reason, the Propellerhead Software channel offers micro-tutorials and sound design tutorials in Reason, an artist series, hacks and tricks, and a popular weekly series called 52 Reason / Record Tips, where “power user” James Bernard shares different Reason techniques and shows users how to maximize the DAW’s features.

    Avid. Over 900 videos are available on the official channel legendary DAW Pro Tools developer and manufacturer Avid. The Tech Talk webcast series, customer support how-to videos, hardware and software overviews, festival and conference coverage, a remix series, are all available in addition to tutorials on Pro Tools and other media software.

    Cakewalk Software. The official channel of the classic DAW Cakewalk offers a variety of Cakewalk-specific tutorials, as well as NAMM coverage, a “backstage pass” series, hardware recommendations, and tutorials for their other products.


Established Artists


These artists’ channels are particularly insightful because they showcase real-world examples and results of certain production perspectives, techniques, software, soundware, and equipment. Some of the top established artists in electronic dance music (particularly trance) share their knowledge and experience with viewers through behind-the-scenes footage, track breakdowns, in-depth tutorials, and project file giveaways.


    Airbase. Airbase (Jezper Söderlund) is a well-known Swedish classic trance producer who provides YouTube video tutorials on Ableton Live, remakes, and deconstructions of his original tracks. This channel has attracted over 8,000 subscribers and 2.2-million views, and is a great resource for electronic music producers, particularly those in the trance scene.

    nzmusic101. Another great channel for music production tutorials and freebies. DJ, producer, and sound designer Ryan Enzed publishes videos on things like designing specific sounds, mixing, and vocal processing, as well as remixes and informative breakdowns of his productions.

    Max Braiman. Offering a wealth of free project files and FL Studio tutorials, Max Braiman is a well-regarded producer and sound designer. His channel boasts over 100 videos, thousands of subscribers and views, and provides a start-to-finish video overview of the production process for his all-original tracks. Trance, progressive trance, drum and bass, bass lines, chords, and uplifting melodies are some of the topics covered, and each video is screen-captured in real time so viewers can see a quality illustration of his techniques and artistry.

    Seid van Riel. Well-known Dutch trance producer Seid van Riel gives YouTube viewers a variety of production tutorials, in-the-studio videos, and breakdowns of his tracks. In addition, he posts his own popular remixes, as well as tour and performance coverage for a look behind the scenes.

    Adam Ellis – Trance Bassline Tutorial (TRANCE TV). Popular UK trance producer and DJ Adam Ellis delivers an exceptional trance bassline tutorial – a notable stand-alone video amongst the channels we’ve mentioned here. Adam uses Logic to show viewers his creative process and production techniques, demonstrating a variety of popular trance filters, effects, and patches.

    The Thrillseekers. UK trance producer Steve Helstrip (The Thrillseekers) provides informational in-the-studio videos and fundamental breakdowns of his tracks. Coverage of live shows, as well as interviews can also be found here.

    Farid. Egyptian trance producer Farid gives production overviews of his tracks as well as tutorials on stereo placement, dealing with resonant frequencies, sidechaining, and more. Farid’s channel is also full of his remixes, original songs, and guest mixes.


Recording and Engineering Channels


These channels deliver a wealth of informative how-to guides and tutorials when it comes to recording, engineering, and production. With a focus on vocals, gear, and live instruments, these are excellent resources for producers who want to further their knowledge in the recording arts, build a home studio, or people looking for gear reviews, overviews, and demos.


    Home Studio Corner. Joe Glider is a studio engineer with extensive experience in recording guitars and vocals. His YouTube channel Home Studio Corner focuses on recording techniques, vocal processing, and mixing, and he publishes various Studio One tutorials on plugins, production techniques, and workflow.

    Pensado’s Place. Grammy-award winning mix engineer Dave Pensado (Bonnie Tyler, Kenny G, Mary J. Blige) delivers a weekly show with in-depth discussions of recording technology, engineering, and mixing. Dave features top industry engineers, sound designers, and recording artists as guests, and offers a wealth of insights into the music recording industry.

    Recording Revolution. For people recording in home studios, this channel offers all kinds of advice, tips, tricks, and tutorials. With nearly 400 videos on mixing, home recording setup, recording techniques for different instruments, creativity, and workflow, founder and host Graham Cochrane provides a variety of useful tools for home studio producers.

    Spectra Sound Studios. Spectra Sound Studios is a particularly rich resource for recording live bands, drums, guitars, and vocals, as well as other traditional engineering topics. Gear reviews and demonstrations of amps, mics, drums, and soundware are available, in addition to hard rock and heavy metal-specific tutorials. Many of these key concepts can be applied to electronic dance music as well.


DJ-Focused Channels


Useful for beginners and experienced professionals alike, these channels are not only goldmines for learning (or advancing) your DJ skills and techniques, but they also feature DJ equipment reviews, tutorials, and demonstrations, as well as artist interviews, live event coverage, and many other insights into one of the industry’s most popular crafts.


    Digital DJ Tips. For music producers and DJs looking to get into live performance, Digital DJ Tips is a fantastic resource. This channel offers a 7-part training series on Traktor, digital DJ equipment reviews, interviews, and much more.

    SeratoHQ. New Zealand-based DJ equipment manufacturer Serato has a YouTube channel full of product showcases and demonstrations, as well as interviews, tutorials on DJ techniques, live performances, and the Serato Icon Artist Series.

    NuMarkVideo. U.S. DJ accessory and audio equipment manufacturer Numark promotes and demonstrates the use of their products on this channel. With tutorials, live event coverage, and artist interviews, this is another informative resource for DJs.

    Pioneer DJ. Pioneer DJ (CDJ-2000nexus, DJM-900nexus) is a cutting-edge DJ gear manufacturer that offers tutorials and live performance and event coverage on their YouTube channel. This channel boasts over 48-million views and over 260,000 subscribers.

    DJ Tech Tools. This comprehensive DJ-focused channel offers over 500 videos, including turntable and controller tutorials, a producer performance series, Ableton Live tutorials, gear reviews, and general production tips and tricks.


General Channels


The following channels represent independent music producers, sound designers, podcasts, software and hardware manufacturers, beatmakers, DJs, film and media composers, and electronic music gurus. On these channels you can find a wide variety of tutorials on beginning-to-advanced electronic music production techniques, recording techniques, soundware, software, and hardware tutorials and reviews, as well as interviews, concert performances, event coverage, free giveaways, behind-the-scenes videos, and much more.


    The Pro Audio Files. Matthew Weiss shares his exceptional knowledge on mixing, mastering, and production techniques. The Pro Audio Files offers specific instrument-focused video mixing tutorials, and mixing tutorials on vocals, special FX, synths, and drum loops. EQ, compression, reverb, and other essential topics are covered here.

    Modern Mixing. A channel dedicated entirely to mixing, Modern Mixing offers shorter, 5-10 minute video tutorials on focused topics like automation techniques, vocal timing techniques, drum techniques, genre-specific mixing techniques, and plugins.

    Mixnotes. Nashville producer Jonathan Roye developed Mixnotes, a YouTube channel dedicated to music entrepreneurship, mixing, and production. Jonathan goes over professional tips like how to get clients, production tips on vocal editing, session setup, and busses, and equipment and software recommendations.

    URM Academy. URM Academy houses the highly-rated URM Podcast. Episodes feature interviews with some of the industry’s leading producers, tips and tricks for recording, educating yourself, choosing gear, and dealing with professional situations. Other useful videos include tutorials on mixing, mastering, and production.

    Production Music Live. A production and sound design channel, Production Music Live has a catalog of over 200 videos focused on Ableton for both beginners and experienced producers. Tutorials, remakes, and an e-learning class are offered for improving production skills, as well as soundware, templates, samples, and presets.

    The Samplecast. The Samplecast is a weekly YouTube show and podcast series that is dedicated to the latest news in the soundware industry. Host Reuben Cornell (composer, music journalist, and soundware enthusiast) discusses sample library product reviews, recommendations, and technical overviews.

    SynthHacker. With over 15,000 subscribers and a large library of synth tutorials, SynthHacker (run by sound designer Tom Beven of is an excellent resource for producers particularly interested in trap, future bass, and sound design based around Massive and Serum.

    7 Skies. Music producer and sound designer 7 Skies delivers a variety of interesting content, from free giveaways, product overviews, and original sound sets, to music production FAQs, tour video diaries, as well as sound design and workflow tutorials.

    Tuts+ Music & Audio. Tuts+ has a plethora of great content on voiceover, recording, mastering, using plugins, and other tips and tricks. This is more of a general, comprehensive channel that gives viewers a well-rounded understanding of key production concepts.

    R Λ Z Ξ R. Razer is a company that makes PC hardware and recently set up a channel focusing on music production. Well-known veteran producers like Deadmau5 are featured in Razer’s in-the-studio videos, showing viewers how to create specific sounds, as well as giving track overviews and breakdowns.

    EDMProd. Developed by Sam Matla of, EDM Prod is a valuable educational YouTube channel with practical “quick tips” for music producers that range in topic from technical skills and composition to motivation and lifestyle. Insightful and practically useful wisdom can be found here, along with interviews, product reviews, and video tutorials. In addition, Sam’s highly-rated podcast, The EDM Prodcast, features an extensive series of interviews with music industry professionals, including various famous producers.

    Film.Music.Media. Focused on people working in the film, music, and media industries, Film.Music.Media delivers video interviews, all-access coverage, and behind-the-scenes videos, with some great insights from composers and orchestrators in the studio. From red carpet coverage to seminars and concert performances, this channel is a great industry resource.

    FrankJavCee. YouTube comedian and music producer FrankJavCee publishes funny parody music videos on how to produce different genres. Original remixes, music live streams, and an 8-bit series are also available.

    Imamusicmogul. EDM, house, trap, and hip-hop tutorials can be found on this channel, along with freebies (Free Beat Fridays, Sample Saturdays), remakes, beginner’s guides, and more. You’ll find over 150 Logic tutorials and lots of quick tips and tricks.

    macProVideo. With over 3,000 videos (over 1,000 hours), this authority channel offers tutorials led by award-winning experts on topics like Logic Pro X, Ableton, and Reason. In addition, the channel has many studio and recording technique tips, as well as tutorials on non-musical creative software.

    MPGInsider. Michael White provides beginner-to-advanced tutorials and tips on mixing and career building on the MPGInsider channel. A full video course on compression is offered, as well as over 120 “Plugin of the Week” mixing tutorials for specific plugins.

    Multiplier. Multiplier is an authority channel, delivering production tutorials on Ableton Live and Serum. Vlogs, reviews, remixes, and demo commentary can all be found here, as well as advice on studio setup, gear, and production workflow. Regularly updated, new videos are published every week.

    MusicRadar. This authority channel provides a variety of resources for producers, from equipment demos and reviews, to coverage of events, expos, and trade shows like NAMM. Videos also include advice on musicianship, guitar and bass performance and equipment, recording, and interviews with industry experts.

    Native Instruments. The official channel of well-known software company Native Instruments has an extensive collection of videos covering the company’s popular synths and music production hardware and equipment, such as Traktor and Maschine. Tutorials for these products, as well as Native Sessions, a studio veteran, artist-based interview and performance series, is available.

    Producer SPOT. Producer SPOT publishes “best of” lists in video format, predominantly showcasing their recommended plugins and sample packs. Ableton and FL Studio tutorials, and various drum module and synth plugin demos are available to viewers, with tips and tricks for mixing and mastering as well.

    SadowickProduction. Well-known sound designer and engineer Brent Sadowick produces sample packs and project files, and publishes videos on EDM production. Included on this authority channel are “how to” tutorials for beginners, in-the-studio videos, and an entire Serum tutorial series.

    SeamlessR. With over 1,000 videos and thousands of subscribers, FL Studio guru Seamless delivers extensive resources on bass production, making tracks from scratch, arrangement, sound design, and more. Seamless gives insights and advice on industry topics like piracy and labels, as well as practical topics like self-promotion and hardware. is an urban music-focused website with a YouTube channel of nearly 900 videos, including review of sample packs, instruments like Kontact and Maschine, and other tips and tutorials.

    Travis Cole. Hip-hop beatmaker Travis Cole publishes beats and instrumentals on his channel, along with piano tips for beatmakers, marketing strategy tutorials, an artist showcase, and soundware reviews.

    How to produce KSHMR – JAMMU (Spinnin’ Records). This stand-alone video delivers an in-depth technical breakdown of American DJ KSHMR’s track “JAMMU”, including chords, plugins, EQ, compression, and reverb treatments, as well as drum design. This is a great learning tool for producers interested in electro, progressive, and big room house.

    Music Tech Help Guy. DAW-focused channel Music Tech Help Guy provides all kinds of videos on Logic Pro X, including Ultrabeat, Melodyne, and synth tutorials. Both beginners and advanced users can utilize a variety of tutorials, from basic skills like exporting and managing sound libraries, to more advanced techniques.

    JunkieXL. Grammy-nominated multi-platinum producer and film composer Tom Holkenborg (Mad Max: Fury Road, 300: Rise of an Empire) gives in-the-studio tutorials on the making of various soundtrack elements. Topics include touchscreen workflow, mixing, template setup, as well as composition and arrangement advice.

    Pro Music Producers. This channel offers a variety of free Ableton Live production tutorials on creating tech house, deep house, and future house tracks. Beatmaking, midi, loops, and templates are all demonstrated in promotions for PMP’s house-based soundware packs.

    Garbo Music. On this channel, DJ and producer Andy Rojas delivers techno, tech house, and deep house tutorials in Ableton Live. Topics include drum programming and production, and full-track walkthroughs from start to finish. Tom Beven (who also runs SynthHacker) designs Serum presets and produces educational videos on using the popular synth. From bass, pluck, pad, and lead design, to making percussion loops and using oscillators, this channel is dedicated to all things Serum.

    Dirk Ehlert. Film and media composer Dirk Ehlert publishes a YouTube tutorial series called Composing with Virtual Instruments, as well as relaxation music compositions, his Cubase template walkthroughs, plugins, and sample libraries.

    Riccardo Pascucci. Riccardo Pascucci does track remakes and gives away free FL Studio project files and presets. With remakes of artists ranging from The Weeknd and Iggy Azalea, to Tiesto and Calvin Harris, Riccardo provides a variety of immediately applicable learning tools for versatile producers.

    Beats4Beets. Music producer Shawn Wilcox gives FL Studio tutorials for dubstep, electro, house, and trance, in addition to tutorials on the basics, including theory, mixing, beatmaking, and a variety of other arrangement and production topics. Shawn also posts in-depth walkthroughs and an 8-part remix series.

    Nick’s Tutorials. This channel is focused on sound design in Ableton Live. Nick Maxwell provides videos on specific topics like sampling, creating pads, stabs, drums, plucks, and jungle bass. He even demonstrates how to use everyday sounds or samples to create new, unique sounds. With over 1,200 videos and over 180,000 subscribers, Busy Works Beats is a great channel specifically for hip-hop beatmaking. FL Studio is used to demonstrate all kinds of techniques for creating different styles, bass sounds, drum loops, textures and pads, as well as mixing, and songwriting. Additionally, videos on music industry, collaboration, and networking topics are offered.

    howtomakeemusic. Sound design, beatmaking, mixing, and more can be found on the How to Make E-Music YouTube channel. From arpeggiator and chord stab tutorials to genre-specific how-to videos (dubstep, chillout, deep house), this channel provides a range of useful resources for EDM producers.

    MixBusTV. MixBusTV is a mixing and mastering-focused channel, with a variety of production and sound design tutorials, tips, and tricks, plugin and hardware reviews, a Q&A series, as well as genre and instrument-specific tutorials. Specifically, tutorials on mixing drums, rock/pop vocals, and hip-hop/trap vocals are just some of the available videos.

    PluginGuru. Professional sound designer and Korg synth programmer John Lehmkuhl gives specialized tutorials on the use of popular synths like Zebra, Serum, and Absynth. His channel also includes a variety of original soundware packs, soundware walkthroughs, and interviews.

    Produce Like a Pro. Multi-platinum producer William Huart gives tutorials for beginners, focusing on the fundamentals like recording for voice and different instruments, mixing, and mastering. William also offers mix breakdowns of specific songs, behind the scenes videos, and studio tours with well-known industry producers.

    Mike Russell. This channel is especially helpful for people working in radio, commercial music, and podcasting. Mike Russell, the man behind Music Radio Creative, covers topics like Adobe Audition for podcasting, radio jingles, voiceover production, vocal effects, vocal editing, and all kinds of advice surrounding the creation and promotion of podcasts and video trailers.

    Gabe Miller Music. Californian electronic music producer Gabe Miller delivers original EDM tutorials, with a special focus on progressive and electro house music. His video library also includes crash courses in recording, producing, publishing, and instrumentals in different genres like dubstep, hip-hop, trap, trance, and chillout.

    DJ Vespers. This Ableton Live-focused channel offers tutorials on EDM production, specific synths like Serum, and sound design. Topics like home studio acoustic treatment, mastering, remixing, chord progressions, and various production techniques are also covered.

    Winksound. This comprehensive music production and audio technology channel focuses on Ableton Live, Pro Tools, gear reviews, and sound design tutorials–a bit of everything. Music industry discussions and interviews are also available, along with DAW-specific production fundamentals, and tutorials on synths like Massive.

    ArtFX Studios. This channel specializes in dubstep, drum & bass, electro house, and glitch hop. A collection of acapellas and vocal samples can be found here in addition to a full tutorial series covering the use of synths like Massive and Serum, builds and risers, compressors, sampling, mixing and mastering plugins, and Ableton Live.

    BassGorilla. Dubstep, glitch hop, drum & bass, and other bass genre-focused channels BassGorilla has an extensive tutorial library that covers mixing, mastering, drums, songwriting, sound design, and production. The BassGorilla Podcast is also available here, featuring interviews with some of the industry’s top bass music producers and record label owners.

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