Steps To Fix Canon Printer Error Problem

Sometimes your Canon pixma support code 5100. This is a common problem with printers and can usually be fixed by the user. You must identify the problem that caused your Canon printer to stop turning on. Sometimes the problem can be as simple as the Power cord being disconnected from the printer or the Power Outlet failing to work. Before you leap to conclusions and assume that your printer is in serious trouble, check these basics. If you still have a problem after these checks, you can try the basic troubleshooting steps described in this blog.

Although it is unlikely that the problem will persist after the initial troubleshooting, please get in touch with our Canon Printer Support experts.

Why is my Canon Printer Not Turning On

Determining the root cause of your Canon pixma support code 5100 is essential before you rush to make any conclusions. Below are some possible reasons of your Canon printer is not starting.

  • The power supply needs to be correctly connected to your printer.
  • The power supply is inadequate for your printer.
  • Incorrect configuration of the printer
  • Problem with the printer’s adapter
  • Broken power cord

There are many reasons why the Canon Printer error on. These issues can be fixed by following the steps in this article.

Each troubleshooting step should be followed until the printer stops turning on.

Verify that your canon printer IS ON

Sometimes, the printer software may prevent the machine from turning on if you press too hard or hold it for more than a few seconds.

If the printer access doors are opened, your printer may not turn on.

If that is the case, you can unplug all cables from the printer and let it run for a while. After about a minute, plug the cords and lines into the printer. Then turn it on. This will reset the printer and resolve any temporary problems.

You will find a power button near some printers’ control panels or power cords.

View the power code

The power cord connects your printer to the main power. Without it, your printer will not get enough energy to run, and you will not be able to print anything. It would help if you inspected your power cord in this instance. It should be connected to the printer and the switch. It should be in good condition and functioning correctly. Although it is rare for the power cord to be damaged, it happens occasionally, so check it regularly and get it replaced immediately if it isn’t working.

Confirm your power supply configuration

The configuration of a printer depends on the type and model. Some printers attach power cords that are not easily removed, while others have detachable power cables that can be removed. Some printers require that the AC adaptor be connected to the wall power outlet, while others do not.

The printer adaptor is available.

Your printer adapter may also help ensure that your Canon printer prints without problems. There are two adaptors for Canon printers: an external AC adapter or a built-in AC adapter. The power cord may not be easily removed if the AC adapter is built-in. To turn on your printer, connect the cable to the outlet. If this fails to turn on the printer, you can check the code for wear and tear. If nothing seems to work, you can replace the power cord and check if it works. You can do the same with an Canon Pixma IP1800 Error Code B200.

After you’ve tried the above, restart your printer to ensure it prints correctly.


Following the above steps, you should be able to fix your printer that won’t turn off. For more assistance, contact our Canon Printer Support experts if your printer still needs to turn on.

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