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Ruinsara is situated in the northern state of Uttarakhand amidst the Himalayas. The site is perched across an altitude of 3500 meters above sea level. This glacial blue lake is illuminated on the foot of Kalanag mountain about 14 km away from Osla/Seema. Encircled by alpine vegetation and rosy red rhododendrons, the Ruinsara Tal is contemplated to be spiritual by the inhabitants of Har-Ki-Doon can also visit markha valley trek.

Trekking can be more fun and adventurous if there is thrill, excitement, and experience of all the seasons. It can be attained in the Ruinsara tal trek as the experience varies in different seasons. The view is so beautiful that it seems as if you are in an imaginary world. Surely, no one would want to miss out on this beautiful and enchanting experience.

Best time to visit Ruinsara Tal

The ruinsara tal is a symbol of natural beauty. The best time to visit this natural paradise is in the summer from May to June. And can even enjoy the scenic beauty in the post-monsoon period of September and October.

In the summers the weather is pleasant with the warm sun to enjoy your exploration journey. While in post-monsoon time the weather is a bit chilly increasing the aesthetic beauty of the lake.

Ruinsara lake trek

The sites in Uttarakhand are most famous for trekking trips and one of the best among all is the Ruinsara lake trek. The 7-day trek at the beautiful site of Ruinsara will be an exciting, adventurous, and enthralling journey. The trek begins at the Hamlet- the Taluka village, which is an approximately 55 km trek from the Uttarakashi district of Uttarakhand. In this way, you can relish the musical sound of waterfalls that will soothe your mind and will give you an inexplicable feeling. On the way, you will witness the canopies formed by chestnut, deodar, and sycamore trees. 

Then the trekkers move towards the Supin river valley, the upper catchment area of Tons river. Trekkers will head to the wild thickets of green meadows. Then the trekkers will cross the mesmerizing bridge across Ruinsara gad or rills. Along these paths, you will encounter various patches which are disrupted by landslides and heavy downpours. There you need to watch your steps to ensure your safety throughout the way. 

A mediocre climb will take you to the mountain side and there you will catch the glimpse of various bubbling streams all over the area. 

There you can relax for some time and enjoy the soulful atmosphere and tranquility. On the southwest of the location is Yamuna Kantha, a leading pass to Yamunotri. There you will get the opportunity to witness prominent Himalayan peaks such as  Bandarpooch peak and Swargarohini in the north. The splendid view of Dhumadhar Kandi in the east and the Kalang and White peak in the southwest are surely a treat for the eyes of trekkers. 

How difficult is the trek

Ruinsara tal trek is a moderate-level trek, it is not that challenging, taking into consideration the altitude range of the trek. The constantly changing weather can cause some complications but once you reach the destination and the sky becomes clearer the views of mighty peaks are worth the effort. The amateurs can even go for this trek, they just need a bit of mental and physical preparation before trekking to this wonderful location.

Other activities at Ruinsara

Other than trekking you can enjoy some of the best riverside camping experiences at Ruinsara. The place is an ideal camping location with panoramic views. You can even relish sightseeing at such a wonderful site and relish the tranquility and peace. 

There you will get to meet some local villages and learn something new about their vast cultures and traditions and find yourself closer to the place and its people. You can even relish some alone time walking along Morinda Lake. you can even appreciate bird-watching at ruinsara as Ruinsara is an abode for a wide variety of birds such as Cuckoos, owls, minivets, Bulbuls, Thrushes, etc.



Treks are like once-in-a-lifetime experiences. And if the destination is ruinsara tal, the trek can be adventurous, exciting, and filled with the most bewitching locations. The jaw-dropping locations can catch you off guard due to their splendid beauty. Treks in ruinsara tal tend to provide a safe and sound experience where you can enjoy to the fullest away from all the hectic lifestyle and enjoy the real beauty of nature. This trek will give you time for introspection and the tranquil atmosphere will rejuvenate you. 


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