After 14 years, three versions, and two chip architectures, the wedge-shaped MacBook Air is no longer available. It has been replaced by a brand-new MacBook Air that is the same thickness from front to back. Since it came out almost 15 years ago, the new MacBook Air is the biggest change to it.
Because the Air is the laptop that millions of people use most often, these changes are important. On MacBook Air Black Friday, the Air also sets the standard for thin, light laptops.
This new Air is run by Apple’s newest chip, the M2. It costs $1,199, which is $200 more than the model it replaces, and a device with enough storage costs at least $1,499. Review of the MacBook Air M2 chip review Apple is keeping the M1 model in its lineup for people who don’t want to spend more than $1,000 on a MacBook Air.
At the time, Dieter Bohn called the M1 MacBook Air “a success.” That’s a high standard, and with all the changes Apple made to the M2 model, it’s a fair question to ask if this new model can beat it. Mostly, yes. Details are where the devil is, and there are a lot of them here.


  • Extremely thin and light construction.
  • Both the screen and the webcam have been greatly improved.
  • The battery works well in most situations and lasts all day.
  • One of the best things about MagSafe chargers is that they are easy to use.


  • Getting more expensive.
  •  Works at high intensities and increases heat and power output by a lot.
  • The base model’s storage speed is much slower.
  • The menu bar can’t be seen because of the notch on the screen.
  • On a midnight background, touch marks are easy to see.
  • There are now less ports that can be used.

The new MacBook air m2 chip review looks like the MacBook Pro 14 and 16 from the end of 2017. It is both symmetrical and harsh.
When you open the lid and start typing, you can see how thin it is—just a bit more than 11 millimeters. When you put it in a bag or carry it, people notice. The shape of the older MacBook Air made it look like it was narrower, but the newer model is thinner.
The new MacBook air m2 chip review weighs 2.7 pounds, while the old one weighed 2.8 pounds. The Air isn’t the lightest computer, but it’s easy to take anywhere and move around with.
I like this fresh look. It looks stylish and works well. Not me. This new Air is beautiful, and I think Apple won’t change it for at least five years.

Except Midnight. Right out of the box, this deep blue-black color looks great. When you pick it up, your oily fingerprints stick to it and are hard to clean. It makes a great ending bad. Apple isn’t the only company with black metal laptops. Razer’s have been collecting fingerprints for years, but that’s not why I wouldn’t buy the Midnight model. I tried out a silvery-gold Starlight model that didn’t show any fingerprints.

In almost every test, the M2 Air is faster than the M1, but the M2 MacBook Pro is faster.

Other stress tests, like the Puget Bench test in Adobe Premiere Pro or editing and exporting several high-resolution RAW photos in Adobe Lightroom Classic, show the difference in performance. The M2 Air performed better than the M1 but not as well as the M2 MacBook Pro in the Puget Bench. When I tried to import and edit RAW data from a Sony A7R Mark IV camera with 60 megapixels, it sagged like an M1 Air.
Even though the M2 Air and the M2 Pro have the same number of GPU cores, the M2 Air’s graphics performance is limited by its thermal architecture.

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For tougher jobs, you need a MACBOOK PRO, but the AIR is fine for productivity.

If you only occasionally edit photos or videos, there’s no reason to give up the Air’s better screen, webcam, MagSafe, slimmer and lighter weight, and other advantages over the 13-inch M2 MacBook Pro just to save a few seconds.
If you do a lot of hard creative work on your computer, like professional video editing, RAW picture processing, or coding, the Air is not the best machine for you. Instead, you should think about a MacBook Pro, most likely a 14- or 16-inch model.
Most people who buy laptops like the M2 Air because it is lighter and quieter than the MacBook Pro models.
Both the M2 Air and the M1 had the same battery life when I tested them. That means I wasted eight to ten hours using Chrome, Slack, many Spaces, all my menu bar apps, Zoom conversations, and other useless things while the display was set to 200 nits.

The trickiest choice is the M2 or M1 Air.

Many people who are upgrading from an older Intel MacBook or switching from Windows to Mac for the first time will have to choose between the M1 Air, which has similar performance and battery life for a much lower price (especially since it’s easy to find M1 models on sale), and the M2, which has better quality-of-life features but costs more.

I like that the M2 Air is thinner and has a sharper screen, but I wouldn’t buy one for less than $1,500 if it didn’t have at least 512GB of storage and 16GB of RAM. The M1 Air is a good alternative if the M2 Air is too expensive for you.


Before you can use any smart device, you have to agree to terms and conditions that no one reads. We can’t read and look over every contract. Most people don’t read these agreements and can’t negotiate them, so we started counting how many times you had to touch “yes” to use gadgets while we were reviewing them.
You have to agree:
The terms and conditions for Apple’s warranty and Game Center are in the licensing agreement for mac OS software.

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