Praxis EMR Increases Efficiency of Medical Professionals

Praxis is not your traditional EHR, but it does have some important benefits. The software is designed to help you practice more efficiently and more effectively. It can learn your work style, which will help you practice better and more efficiently. Here are some of the main benefits of the system: – The software learns your work style – It enables you to perform your practice better and faster.


The Praxis EMR features Agents, AI messengers that help your practice perform tasks such as rapid charting and sending reminders to staff. Agents work by integrating patient information into their notes and automatically access relevant medical data. They work with the concept of case classification, allowing them to create medical records for new patients based on previous data.

EMR agents integrate medical knowledge from other practitioners to improve clinical decision-making, thereby increasing the quality of patient care. By leveraging other practitioners’ knowledge, Praxis EMR Agents make your work simpler and more efficient. This translates into a big impact on patient care. These agents are built on AI and are flexible to adapt to the way you work.

The AI-based system allows doctors to customize reports and documents according to the patient’s needs. In addition, it ensures patient-doctor confidentiality. With its HIPAA-compliant technology, Praxis EMR is an excellent choice for small-medium-sized medical practice organizations. Its scalable design enables doctors to use it on a mobile device.

Knowledge Exchanger

The Praxis EMR‘s Knowledge Exchanger feature gives healthcare practitioners a way to share information and expertise with other practitioners. This helps improve the quality of healthcare services. The software is ONC-ATCB-certified, and offers many other benefits, including a patient portal, narrative reports, and e-prescribing. In addition, it is cloud-based, with low monthly pricing. Praxis EMR also includes a practice management module and revenue cycle management capabilities. Other features include automated workflows and specialty-specific templates.

The knowledge imported by Praxis EMR is fully structured and is highly encapsulated, which means it is ready to reuse by Praxis EMR users. Furthermore, the software provides physicians with access to other practitioners’ knowledge, which makes the system valuable to researchers. This helps them to build and cull research assessments without compromising patient confidentiality.

In addition to sharing medical knowledge, the Knowledge Exchanger feature in the Praxis EMR provides access to clinical practice guidelines. These guidelines are suggestions that can help doctors make decisions about their patients. The software also makes it easy to create queries without technical expertise. It enables users to create prospective and retrospective queries by taking into account clinical parameters, demographic criteria, and laboratory data. Users can also conduct retrospective searches to access suggested treatments based on their patient’s health history and the type of medications.

Clinical Practice Guideline

The Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG) function in Praxis EMR enables the user to access and subscribe to different clinical practice guidelines from a variety of sources. In this way, the physician can easily exchange their knowledge with colleagues. In addition, the practitioner can read and use imported thought units and data to improve his or her methodology and process.

Unlike template-based EHRs, the Praxis EMR adapts to each physician’s unique methodology. The software’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology enables it to learn from a physician’s workflow, enabling it to chart faster and smarter. Praxis EMR is the recipient of the HIMSS Davies Award, an honor that honors exceptional use of an EMR. To receive the award, physicians must demonstrate the improvements they’ve made in their clinical practice.

In addition to being HIPAA compliant, Praxis EMR is also ONC-ATCB-certified. It integrates with diagnostic equipment and labs, and enables patients to access their medical records through a dedicated patient portal. It also supports advanced practice management capabilities, including automated workflows and specialty-specific templates.

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With Datum+, you can embed discrete data in your free text documents, making them more flexible and powerful. The system pulls appropriate data from a database for each element, such as patient demographics, lab values, dates, and lab reports. You can insert these elements only once, and Praxis automatically pulls the data when it is appropriate.

Because no two physicians practice medicine the same way, each brings their unique touch to their patient care. However, all practitioners encounter certain types of cases more frequently than others. In these instances, Praxis EMR automatically finds the case that is most similar to the one the provider is currently working on, and automatically generates a note in the physician’s own words. The note also includes any applicable prescriptions or admitting orders, and is automatically optimized for coding.

The Praxis EMR has passed the CCHIT exam, and is now one of only 22 accredited EMRs in the country. The company is very grateful to its loyal customers, who supported the company and its development process throughout the testing period.

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