NFT Calendars: How to Choose the Right One

NFT calendars are the best, especially if you want to be among the first to have information on different projects or events that are bound to happen. They are implausible tools that get these projects to you easily and conveniently. This is because they are ever up to date, and more so, some are curated with filters that save you time as you look through the endless pool of non-fungible tokens. Therefore, if you are much into NFT games, you need to be updated each time they drop, which requires a good and reliable calendar.  

Moreover, NFT creates a link between the virtual and real world. This is why art pieces or projects can be bought or sold as a great way of making money with non-fungibles. For instance, The Merge is a project that sold for millions on NFT, which bred a new paradigm in the platform. You need information on such huge projects and more; hence, a calendar is an invaluable tool for you to have adequate preparations and get deeper into the NFT game.  

However, you need to identify the most appropriate NFT calendar that suits your needs, as there is a wide pool with which you can select your calendar. Therefore, below are points that can significantly help in selecting one that will keep you on the speed with each NFT drop while diversifying your portfolio. 

Identify your Areas of Interest in NFT events 

Different NFT calendars can focus on specific events, so you need to know which events interest you the most. This will help you purchase the right calendar that suits or focuses on your interests, saving on cost. However, some calendars may be versatile hence having many events, unlike blockchains. Such can be most effective if you are interested in more than one event, as the calendar contains several. Therefore, before choosing any NFT calendar, it is essential to identify the events you are interested in and get the best calendar that will serve the intended purpose. 

Identify your most Important Features on the Calendar 


NFT calendars can offer a variety of features. On the other hand, some may have particular features that may not be present in others, which is why you have to be keen on them. For instance, if you want to list your events, you must get a calendar with such a feature. You can also get one that only updates you on drops or events if you are not interested in listing. All these depend on what you would like to do on the platform, so you must acquire a calendar with features that will serve you effectively. Therefore, when choosing the right one, features you will need to use in the platform should be present in your preferred calendar. 

Check the Calendar’s Usability 

The ease of use for any digital platform highly contributes to the service you receive as a user, and NFT calendar websites are no exception. Some calendars are easy to navigate, so you can easily and quickly get the information you need while on the platform. However, some may not be as easy to maneuver and could be filled with advertisements that can interrupt. Therefore, you will be more comfortable with a smooth and easy-to-use calendar. Hence a reason to consider when choosing your NFT calendar. 

Check the Cost of the Calendar  

NFT calendars can be free, while others may need you to pay a certain fee before using some features. Those features can be promotions or advertisements on the platform. Therefore always check the cost of the features you need and get the most affordable one. This makes you incur the cost of only what you need. 

Check the Language used on the Calendar 

We all have languages we are comfortable with or those which we prefer. However, not all calendars will use those languages. This is why it’s essential to check the language to have one with your preferred language. This is important for ease of understanding of what is going on in case NFT drops or events in the platform. 

Check the Audience 

 Getting a calendar with a large audience gives you exposure and a wider reach, especially if you are using it to list events or even buy and sell within the NFT platform. Nevertheless, such calendars may require you to pay a small fee for promotions in the NFT marketplace when you submit your projects. Therefore note that before getting a calendar with a particular reach. 

Check on the Privacy Policy 

The NFT calendar is a digital platform, and you would not want your personal information to be at risk of being exposed. You must read and understand the privacy policy before creating your account. It is essential as you will know about the safety of your personal information hence selecting the most secure calendar. 


You can now easily choose the right NFT calendar that best suits your needs by considering the abovementioned points. With NFT being a great way of communicating events to prospective buyers or increasing the visibility of your NFT projects, don’t be pulled back by choosing an ineffective calendar. Additionally, you can conduct more research on available calendars to get the right one from the diverse pool available today.


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