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MetroWest Basketball is a program specifically designed for girls and boys aged 5-8 who reside within Wellesley (or are students of METCO), meet the age minimum requirements (see below), and are determined to play the sport of basketball competitively. We are now also incorporating 4th graders as part of our pilot program.

In general, an metrowest basketball player will play two obligatory practices per week (8 th grade players only practice twice each week on Saturday evenings) along with one match on Sunday, including away games in areas closer to Natick but as from it as Attleboro, Bridgewater, etc. In the regular seasons, MW games are played on Sundays starting in the middle of December, with obligatory games during the February holiday, followed by playoffs beginning in March. Some coaches might allow their teams to participate in preseason tournaments, typically scheduled during Thanksgiving weekend.


Metrowest basketball League Introduction:


Welcoming you to the Metrowest Basketball league. This Metrowest basketball league provides services to the member towns of the suburban Boston region, supporting their winter travel teams from grades 4-8 for girls and boys. We cannot oversee towns or individual teams or the day-to-day activities of each town and how they conduct business. However, we encourage every town to constantly review its procedures and policies to ensure the highest standards of fairness and integrity in their team and town. We urge each coordinator to take on the responsibility of guiding and communicating the mission and the Goals that the League has set for itself.


Metrowest Basketball Mission:


Metrowest Basketball aims to provide a high-quality league with various plays while providing an environment where kids and adults can play basketball. They’re constantly striving to offer the best possible experience for players, and the rules and procedures must be checked regularly.


League Goals:


Learn and model competitiveness by emphasizing good sportsmanship.

Encourage self-esteem in our children and adults.

Safety is of paramount importance to Metrowest basketball league. Coaches, Coordinators and Referees must strive to prevent injuries as often as possible.

Always strive to stay ahead of the curve with improvements to League’s procedures, technology and rules.

Engage with the Coordinators to ensure a team with the right voice.


Metrowest basketball League Responsibility:


  • Create competitive divisions for every grade and gender to ensure that each team has the chance to play at its most elite level. Teams are re-aligned for the regular season as well as post-season every year. Teams are aligned with the assistance of town coordinators to ensure that divisions are competitive to ensure competitive play across each. Scheduling of Regular Season Games.
  • Supervising and scheduling the tournament playoff games.
  • The assignment of official coordinators to each town in the member. They are accountable for assigning officials for each game.
  • Monitoring the various policies adopted by the member’s communities, such as the Code of Conduct, Rosters and Game Rules.
  • Afton yearly meetings to give residents to decide on major issues to ensure that the team is functioning at its top level.


More about MetroWest NBA youth


For the duration of the 10-week program the 10-week program, the Boys & Girls Clubs of MetroWest Basketball for Youth Program serves more than 750 kids from kindergarten through high school. The League is split into grade co-ed K-2, girls and boys grades 3-4, girls and boys grades 5-6, girls and boys grades 7-8, and boys and girls in senior grades 9-12.

Contact our Pleasant Street Clubhouse at 508-485-412 for inquiries regarding your child’s participation in the League.


Metrowest Basketball Wellesley:


The Wellesley Youth Basketball Association provides basketball programs for players of all levels.

Must visit.

Mini Raiders scheme for Grades 1 and 2

  • Professional coaches are the ones in charge!
  • WHAT: From December 3 and running through February 11 2023.
  • There are no sessions on December 24, December 31 and January 14, 2023.
  • The registration period starts in late May.

Grade 3 Basketball (Girls and Boys)

  • Participation – Parents coach.
  • When: 10 Saturdays starting 11/19/22 and 2/11/2023
  • Afternoons at Schofield Elem. School for Boys
  • There will be no sessions on December 24 or December 31, 2012.
  • Parents who wish to coach should fill in the Wellesley Hoops ADULT Coach Registration Form on the internet.
  • The registration for coaches and players is expected to open by the end of May.

4th to 9th grade Wellesley Basketball League (Separate Teams for Boys and Girls)

  • The recommended Basketball League for a competitive and enjoyable basketball experience
  • The season begins on 11/8/22 and will continue until closing on 2/11/23 (Playoffs could begin from 2/27/22 until 3/12/23)
  • One night of practice each week (Tuesday or Thursday, the evenings of Fridays). When teams are formed, the practice schedule will be included on the schedule.)
  • 1 game on Saturday each week (no game on December 24, December 31, February 18 and February 25. Playoffs begin in February)



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