Last Minute Tips for Scoring Cheap Tickets to the Waterpark of America prices


thisi water park of america prices  sure to entertain you and your family for hours at a time. However, with ticket prices hovering around $40-60 per person, going to the Waterpark of America can be an expensive pastime. Luckily, there are several ways to score cheap tickets if you know where to look!

The best time to look for tickets:

The best time to look for tickets is when it’s getting close to date. Be wary of special deals in which you have to buy par

king, food, etc. separately. Check Groupon and Living Social firs  water park of america prices Make sure you know where the park is located and what transportation options are available before buying tickets from a third party.
Keep an eye out for end-of-season sales on season passes and individual tickets too!

The trick with booking through third party sites:

This will ensure that you’re getting a good deal on your tickets. Prices change all the time, so it’s not a bad idea to keep checking back. You can also find deals by scouring social media and internet forums. One of our favorite sites is Groupon, which has deals on tons of things in Minnesota including the water park of america prices Lastly, if you have friends or family members who live in Minnesota and are willing to give you their guest pass (most waterparks sell them for about $25), that’s always a great option!

Printable coupons at home or on your phone:

-Printable coupons can be found in your local newspaper and on sites like Groupon.  Be sure to sign up for e mail alerts or notifications from Groupon, so you know when new deals are posted. -Sign up for a Groupon acco unt and download the app from your phone’s app store water park of america prices. Groupon will send you notifications about deals near you, and you can easily purchase discounted tickets on your phone.

Keep an eye out on Groupon as well:

Groupon is a great place to find deals on things like water park of america prices. We usually find them in advance, but sometimes we forget or don’t have time. Groupon has been our go-to site for last minute deals and has saved us tons of money. If you’re looking for tickets this weekend, make sure you check it out!

The waterpark of America deals roundup:

 water park of america prices  a great and affordable family outing. There are plenty of deals around that make it possible to enjoy your day and not be left with a hefty bill at the end. Just like with any other attraction, you’ll have to work a little bit if you want to save money on your trip. If you’re looking for some last minute tips on how to get cheap tickets, here’s a list

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