KiwiSign’s Menu Board Controller: The Perfect Way To Enhance Your Restaurant’s Dining Experience!

KiwiSign’s menu board controller has been helping restaurants around the world to deliver better experiences to their customers, by increasing sales and helping to improve customer retention rates. Learn how you can use KiwiSign’s menu board controller to do the same in your restaurant with this helpful step-by-step guide! We’ll take you through setting up your menu, choosing the right type of menu board display and menu board software, installing your new display, and then showing you how to take full advantage of KiwiSign’s online software and easy-to-use management tools.

Build A Menu & Marketing Plan:

Before you invest in KiwiSign’s menu board software, be sure to come up with a menu that’s going to attract customers—and make sure it’s something you can reasonably produce and serve on a consistent basis.  Decide on what special pricing options, if any, will help attract even more customers. Keep in mind that a digital menu is only as good as its ability to entice people into coming into your store.

Install Your Device:

KiwiSign’s menu board controllers make it easy for you to install a digital menu display in minutes, whether you’re simply replacing an old sign or installing a completely new unit. This standalone product comes with everything you need, from full hardware and software support (including some example layouts) and clear instructions on how to get started. You don’t need any additional software for a quick-and-easy installation and setup—all of our pre-built layouts include font, color, size, and positioning options that can be adjusted easily via the online configuration utility. With all of that hard work done for you, setting up an attractive menu display will take less than 10 minutes.

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Create Your Online Account:

Don’t have an account? Sign up for one now and get 10% off. You can save time and money on all of our digital menu boards. We’re proud of our reputation for providing high-quality hardware and software, as well as stellar customer support. Stop by our website or call us today at (1) [number] for more information about how a digital menu board could help you increase sales in your business!

Start Promoting Online:

Our digital menu boards are ready to go out of the box—no additional hardware is required. A web connection and a few clicks are all you need to get started; just plug in, sign up, and start building an awesome digital menu that works for you! We provide everything you need, so there’s no risk or hassle of customizing software. Sign up today, it’s free!

Order Business Cards & Flyers:

When you are ready to share your new business idea with others, it is time to order marketing materials. Business cards and flyers are a must-have as they allow you to physically give people information about yourself and what you do. For instance, if someone asks you, what do you do? You can hand them your business card or a flyer. Be sure that whatever you decide on reflects well on who you are as a person. You want these marketing tools to build trust with people when they encounter them for the first time. Keep in mind that these materials should be consistent across all platforms including physical and digital. In other words, if someone sees one of your business cards at work, it should have similar design elements to something they might encounter online or vice versa.

Check Out Our Sample Menu Boards (coming soon!):

See live demos of KiwiSign digital menu boards in restaurants, grocery stores, and other venues. If you’re wondering how KiwiSign can help you boost sales and streamline your operations, stop by one of our partner locations today! And feel free to reach out if you have any questions about our products. We’d be happy to schedule a time for a free consultation with one of our knowledgeable staff members.

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