Jovan Arriaga |Complete Information About Selena’s Nephew and Suzette Quintanilla’s Son

Jovan Arriaga is well-known as the father of the famous Suzette Quintanilla. She has a sister named the famous Latin artist Selena.

Reports suggest his aunty, a gifted artist, was murdered in the hands of the president of fan team Yolanda Saldivar. He hasn’t had a conversation with his aunty, but according to the reports, Jovan Arrigae resembles Selena.

Jovan Arrizaga is just 23 years old. His birth date is March 5 1998, in the United States of America.

He was brought up in his home town by his maternal grandparents, Suzette Quintanilla and Bill Arriaga, respectively.

The couple is part of an artistic family that has a firm foot in the world of media in the United States.

His maternal grandmother, Marcella Samora, is a strong and independent woman who is the director and vice president of the firm Q Productions, INC, located in Corpus Christi, Texas, that she co-owns along with her husband who is director and president of the business.

Jovan Arrizaga is the American nationality and has an ethnically diverse background.

He was enrolled in the high school of the town he grew up in and took part in baseball for four seasons. Following that, he was awarded his diploma with high honours.

Furthermore, Jovan Arriaga’s birthday is celebrated each year on March 5. He then enjoys his guests with friends and family.

The conversation was about his father, Bill Arriaga, an old man who was a famous social media celebrity.

The couple was married in 1993 but hasn’t been able to celebrate their wedding grandly with a low-key ceremony.

It’s been over 25 years since they enjoyed a mutually healthy relationship and lived a joyful and contented existence. They are close between their two children.


Suzette hasn’t made public statements about her spouse, Bill, during interviews; however, she regularly posts pictures of Bill on her Instagram account. According to the show, the first time they got together, there was a little uncomfortableness, but the sparks exploded, and their bond quickly became a love affair.

Jovan’s mother wasn’t just Selena’s sister and a drummer; they also became best friends.


Selena was born in Texas on April 16 1971. She died on March 31, 1995. The singer was at the peak of her professional career when she died. Death and was currently creating “Dreaming of You,” her debut English album.

“By the time I leave this world, I will accomplish what she started. “

She also had a desire to grow Selena Etc. Selena Etc., her a store chain in Texas that had salons in-house where she sold her signature clothes and jewellery. Yolanda Saldivar ran the business and was the head of the singer’s fan club and her confidante.

Then, Selena’s employees expressed concern that Yolanda seemed unstable and had two faces. When Selena was slow to respond and behave, they reported her father and her business manager, Abraham Quintanilla Jr., who advised Selena that Yolanda might be dangerous.

In the early months of March 1995, the boutique employees of the boutique were notified by the boutique employees Selena and her parents’ members that Yolanda was stealing funds from the company. Yolanda rejected the allegations and claimed that she was armed with documents to discredit her but could not prove them.

Selena’s father prohibited Yolanda from talking to his daughter. However, Selena could keep her close since Yolanda had her private financial documents. In March of 1995, Yolanda requested Selena to take the documents on her own at the Days Inn Motel.

At first, Selena went with her husband, Chris Perez, and Yolanda could not provide the documents. The next day, Selena went alone and demanded Yolanda give her the documents.

The situation escalated, and Selena attempted to escape; Yolanda shot her in the shoulder on the right. Selena ran to the lobby, fell unconscious and was taken to Memorial Medical Center.

At the medical centre, they realized that she was brain dead. Deceased as her subclavian artery was cut during the shooting. Selena was declared dead after almost an hour of unsuccessful attempts to revive her.


Following the death of Selena, Suzette quit her drumming career, but she preserved her sister’s legacy. She was among the directors of the Netflix biopic.

Suzette also manages license requests related to her sibling’s images, including MAC’s top-selling cosmetics collection influenced by the iconic singer’s beauty savvy.

Suzette has also arranged and participated in various Selena celebration shows, including the 2005 Selena Live! Concert in which the singers of Los Dinos reunited publicly for the first time since the singer’s passing.

Essential Facts on Jovan Arriaga

Jovan Arrizaga is Pisces, and his birth date is March 5, 1998, United States of America.

Jovan Arraga’s age is 23 years old.

He comes from a well-established and famous family with a strong presence in the world of media in America. The United States.

A boy has an American nationality and comes from an ethnically diverse background.

Based on the analysis by Wikipedia, Forbes & Business Insider, Jovan Arriaga net worth is about 1.5 million dollars. 1.5 million.

When he was in school, He played baseball and was thought to be the most well-mannered kid among his classmates.

Jovan Arrizaga was an outstanding baseball player during his school days. He was a disciplined young man during his early days.

His mother, Suzzette Quintanilla, worked as an executive producer along with her sister, who passed away.

However, his grandmother, Marcella Samora, is a strong and independent woman who is director and vice-president of the business Q Productions, INC, located in Corpus Christi, Texas, that she co-owns alongside her husband, who is director and president of the business.

For the ultimate reason, Jovan Arriage is born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He also is a vital member of the family history. It is apparent that Arriage hasn’t worked to improve his standing since his family is known across America. The United States.

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