Is It Worth Hiring Book Marketing Services For My Book?

It might be that your book isn’t selling well, you are running out of time to promote it, or, let’s face it, we have all had to accept that we don’t really know what we are doing at some point. At this point, authors need to reconsider their efforts and consider hiring book marketing services to enhance their visibility and take their author brand and book to the next level.

However, you must be ready to maximize your investment if you want to increase book sales and revitalize your author brand. For example, you purchase insurance when you buy a house or an automobile. You schedule activities when you go on vacation to prevent lazing around the hotel all day. Why, then, would you employ a book marketing service and then just sit back and trust that they can fulfill all of your ambitions by themselves? The typical author lacks the resources to contract out their achievement. No one becomes renowned by birth; it takes practice.

Is It Worth Hiring Book Marketing Services?

Professional book marketing services will be upfront with you about what they can and cannot promise, as well as what their objectives are for each plan they lay out for you. A book marketing service that is serious about its work will adjust its suggestions in light of the whole situation. Your present and long-term goals are included in this. They will also take into account your genre, target audience, what you have already accomplished with your platform, and your planned publication schedule.

So, don’t assume anything. Instead, ask questions. Keep looking if, during your research, you come across a book marketing service that only offers you options that fit inside your price range. Yes, some practical author promotion tactics now in use unquestionably benefit a wide range of books and markets. Still, I’ll tell you a little secret: you don’t have to merely pay for a book marketing service to carry out those fundamental strategies. If that’s all you require, I advise getting your hands dirty and conducting some research. Then get experience and put money aside for a trip.

Furthermore, you need to work with a book marketing agency. This entails a variety of platforms, approaches, expertise in subjects you don’t know much about, readers you don’t have access to, and so on. Here are some suggestions for making things go faster if you want to sell more books and make your investment pay off and how book marketing services can guarantee the best investment results. So, let’s start with the following:

Develop An Informative Author Website

A website gives your readers and the media a place to reach you and demonstrates that you take your profession seriously. It additionally helps your author’s brand. Therefore, even while it might not be necessary for your first publication (Guide to self book publishing for begginers), it is if you want to be a published author and eventually sell more books. For example, a well-developed author website might even develop into a 24-hour sales machine.

Engage With Your Target Audience

Success with books is a two-way street. It’s more complicated than simply listing your book for sale on a few retail websites. Respect the people who read books, write reviews, and recommend them to their friends. So, make yourself accessible to your readers. After that, truly engage with them. You may approach this strategy in various ways, but be careful to find out where your target audience hangs out.

Leverage The Influence Of Social Media

I often hear how much people dislike social media. Now that you’ve got everything out of the way, it’s time to sign in to social networking. As a result, you are not required to register for every website that is accessible. Some are preferred above others depending on your target market’s gender, age, interests, etc… So, it is advisable to focus on a single successful one rather than forcing all of them to fail ultimately.

Request Book Reviews

To be quite honest, I find it extremely upsetting when authors emphasize that their work has no reviews. Even though it was only released a month ago, it should have been read and critiqued by then. Spread the word among the individuals you know. Asking friends and coworkers to forward a well-written email to their friends and coworkers is a terrific way to spread the news. Additionally, you can frequently acquire free testimonials from strangers. If the author genuinely intended for the book to be read by people, then it shouldn’t have any negative reviews.

While reviews are vital, it’s also crucial to obtain them correctly. For example, if someone claims that they can get you 100 reviews for the price of a Starbucks latte, they should be avoided. You don’t want to hire a scammer who breaks the rules to get yourself blacklisted because Amazon constantly tightens the screws on reviews.

Appreciate Your Book Reviewers

Once a review is published, your effort is not made. Thank people for taking the time to post reviews by using the comment feature on Amazon. By making it personal, you may be able to win them over as a devoted supporter who will purchase your next book.

You can also offer readers bonus content in exchange for sending you their Amazon reviews. It can be a deleted chapter or a chapter from a possible sequel. If you write non-fiction, this could be a little workbook or extra tips sheet with valuable advice that wasn’t included in the book.

Organize Contests And Giveaways

Giveaways are enjoyable and simple, and they encourage participation. They can be done at any time and according to your own schedule. Therefore, start offering giveaways if you don’t already, at least occasionally, each year. And be aware that many popular fiction writers perform these regularly. You can conduct giveaways in a variety of ways. The most common strategy is to offer a free copy of your book in return for a review or distribute merchandise surrounding your book.

Spread The Word Out About Your Book With Newsletters

Regular doesn’t always equate to frequent. All you can manage is once a month or even every three months. The key is that you are growing your mailing list, which is priceless. You want to keep in touch with them since these are the customers who are most likely to make repeat purchases.

Just keep in mind to draw attention to anything noteworthy or fascinating in each newsletter. Declare a new release, event, giveaway winner, free download, and so on. You see what I mean. People receive a lot of emails, so don’t waste their time; make it worthwhile for them to read.

Organize Promotional Events

Because there are fewer and fewer bookstores, traditional author events are becoming more and more competitive. So, think beyond the box while choosing a location for your event. Uncertain about where to begin? Do you frequently visit a place? Perhaps a neighborhood coffee shop, brewery, or restaurant? Perhaps you know someone who runs a small business. Think about potential ins you may already have and start from there. You may increase your opportunities and sell more books locally once you have had one successful event.


You cannot become successful overnight thanks to book marketing services. However, they can help you advance and help you lay the groundwork needed to reach the stage when you can pay checks and make actual money off your books. Yes, you can hire book marketing services without utilizing all, some, or all of the aforementioned strategies. Because starting someplace is a fact of life. Happy Marketing!

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