Importance of Editing and Proofreading in Academic Writing

Importance of Editing and Proofreading in Academic Writing

s\Publication of any academic piece of content is impossible without editing and proofreading as both these processes make content perfect for publication.

The quality of your academic paper depends on the way it is written. If you work hard and write a perfect dissertation as your academic assignment, but you don’t check it for mistakes and errors that have occurred unknowingly, it can question the credibility of your content. So, editing and proofreading an academic paper is a must if you want to maintain a good reputation among teachers and students.

What is a Dissertation and How Do the Students Manage It?

No matter if you study in a college located in Europe, America, or Asia, you have to write lengthy assignments, like dissertations, to get credits for their final results. Writing a good dissertation is a skill that only professionally trained people possess. In most of the colleges and universities located in UAE, the students are assigned time-taking assignments that they are not able to spare time for. When college students feel that they have a lot to do in a short time, they decide to hire the dissertation Proofreading and Editing Service in UAE and get the dissertation checked for flaws. Most of the companies that offer proofreading and editing services also have highly qualified and experienced writers. The writers handle the writing tasks for the students who need help with dissertation writing.

Are Proofreading and Editing the Same Thing?

When you write content for academic purposes, you have to do several revisions to ensure the quality of the content. Both editing and proofreading are interchangeable terms, but both check a document for different things and rectify the problems they find.

Editing is the process that the writer starts when he completes a sentence, he checks what he has written and how much sense it is making. Professional editors and proofreaders are the people who make a simple document a must-read.

 The Role of a Content Editor

  • The editor of content is a person who has to clear a document of all the possible issues and shortcomings
  • In fact, editing is the task that is done to check whether the content that is written meets all the requirements of the college or university. They make sure that the content is according to the instructions given by the teachers. The editing companies are trained to deeply check the content before it is sent for proofreading.
  • The editors make sure that you have fully addressed the given question and have strong evidence for each claim that you have made. The editors check if the claims made by you are accurate. They make sure that the paper is organized and easy to refer to. The content editors make sure that the content is relevant to the given topic.
  • One more thing that the content editors have to check a document for is the structure of sentences and the use of passive and active voice. Several students make the mistake of using a passive voice which spoils the quality of the content.
  • The editors deeply check the content for it the parts that make it complete like the introduction, body, and conclusion. The content that a writer writes should show connectivity between all three parts of the document.
  • According to international standards of content writing, each sentence should be no more than 20 words. The document should be precise and clear and long sentences and unnecessary details are not allowed in formal writing of all types.
  • The editors check whether all the paragraphs are on right track and discussing the same topic
  • It is the job of the editor to check whether the transition from one paragraph to the other is smooth or not if the paragraphs are systematically organized logically.
  • The editors check every document for clarity and check whether the concept explains under discussion. The editors check a document for the tone that the writer has used in the content. Some topics demand the content to be persuasive, while others have to be formal and explanatory. The editors check if the written content is suitable for the topic.
  • The editor checks whether the sentences used in a paragraph are equally distributed in all paragraphs. The expert editors make sure that the citations are correctly done and that the quotes and other content that you have taken from other sources should be properly cited.

Once you have done all that an editor could do, you will have perfect content for your assignment, but the last step is proofreading Dubai.

Role of Proofreading

The role of a proofreader is significant for content gets publish or accepts as an assignment.

  • After the editing process is complete, the content gets check by proofreaders to sure the content is according to the latest writing trend in the market.
  • Many editors make silly mistakes while editing as they use spell-checking or citation-checking software which is not as reliable as a human brain. The proofreader deeply checks the content for all the problems that may be present in the document.
  • After checking the document for spelling errors, the proofreader checks each sentence for grammatical mistakes. As most of the editors used grammar-checking software, the results are not accurate all the time. The proofreaders check the documents for grammatical mistakes too and mostly find them in the already edited paper. Most proofreaders have a high level of patience as they read each word carefully and remove even the tiniest of errors from the content.
  • The proofreaders check your document for the quality of the content and vocabulary. Sometimes the repetitive use of a word is annoying for the reader and so it affects the quality of the content. The proofreader replaces the repetitive words with better and advanced-level words.

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