How To Work On Technical Report Writing For Academic Purpose?

A technical report is termed as a formal report. In this report, your method of formatting, structuring and everything else matter a lot. You may have added all data in an accurate way, but poor formatting can ruin your efforts. In the same way, poor structuring can make technical report writing a piece of trash. Hence this article aims to let your people know about different aspects related to technical report writing.

What is the Purpose of A Technical Report in Academic Writing?

In academics, the use of the technical report is very common. The purpose of technical report writing is to provide a precise solution for some technical problems. That is why the technical report is used to make decisions. Furthermore, it is used to instruct people on some procedures. In the same way, it is used to have a detailed discussion on some issues. Apart from all that, it serves as a path that helps in understanding complicated things in the simplest way.

How Do You Write an Academic Technical Report?

While working on technical report writing, you must take care of different aspects related to it. First of all, you have to make it clear what is your aim for technical report writing. In a technical report, there should not be any irrelevant information. Make your report as concise as you can. Whatever your topic of discussion is, you must address it in a clear way. There should not be any confusion for the majority of your audience. While writing a technical report, you have to see if every section is fulfilling its purpose or not. You can even get coursework writing services if you are unable to do so.

How Can I Improve My Technical Report Writing Skills?

There are some tips that can help in improving your technical report writing skills. First of all, you have to see the list of requirements. In the same, you have to see all the possible ways to address your issue in a well-mannered way. When you are done with the performance part, you have to mention everything with proper structuring in a report. Make sure what your targeted audience is and use some techniques to engage your audience in an effective way. Another way to improve your report writing skills is to read free samples available on the internet. Such samples help in identifying mistakes in your report.

What Are The Steps In Writing Technical Report?

Your technical report can be for any subject type. In technical report writing, you are supposed to ensure all of the following steps,

  • Title Page
  • Abstract
  • Table of Content
  • List of Figures
  • List of Tables
  • Acknowledgment
  • Introduction
  • Explaining Body
  • Results
  • Conclusion and Recommendation
  • References

Let’s discuss each step in detail.

Title Page

The very first page of your technical report should be a title page. The presence of the title page shows your professionalism. It includes the name of the topic and writer. Furthermore, you need to add all information that you are asked for. Just like other sections of the technical report, you have to ensure the proper formatting of the title page. It is a part of your report, so do not take it for granted.


In technical report writing, you must have an abstract after the title page. If you are good at report writing, then you can write an abstract at the start. In case you are not an expert, then it is better to write an abstract after completing your report. While compiling your report, add this section just after the title page. In the abstract, you have to ensure that all of the key points are there. It must be sufficient for the reader to have an idea of the whole report.

Table of Content

The table of content has all the headings and subheadings of a technical report. It shows the structure of the whole report. Sometimes reader wants to have information about a particular thing. So, table of content helps the reader in reading the desired section of the report.

List of Figures and Tables

Just like a table of content, you must add a list of figures and tables in technical report writing. These two lists help the reader to locate any figure or table easily. Also, these lists give an overview of visual data in an easy way.


Acknowledgment is a way to express your gratitude towards others. Whoever helped you in technical report writing you should acknowledge that. You have to write acknowledgment in an appropriate way. It needs to be short and succinct.


In the introduction part, you have to add background information of your topic. Do not assume that your audience is well aware of the topic and there is no need to add background information. Add background information briefly and define your topic. While defining your topic, do not forget to add examples. Also, you have to add evidence for your claim. Write down the purpose of technical report writing and conclude your introduction part.

Explaining Body

In explaining body, you have to discuss everything in detail. If you have claimed anything, discuss that claim in detail with the support of evidence. In the same way, if you did any experiment, add every little detail of that experiment. It includes equipment, testing conditions and performance details.


In the section of result, you do not need to write anything as per your assumption. Write everything based on your performance. In short, whatever you get after your performance, you have to mention it as it is.

Conclusion and Recommendation

While technical report writing conclusion is the most challenging part. Based on your results, you are supposed to conclude your topic. It must address your objective of report writing. In the same section, you can add a recommendation for the future.


A list of references is essential as it ensures the credibility of your technical report.

Final Thoughts

By following all of the above-discussed steps and tips, you can develop some pro-level technical report writing skills.

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