How to see views in Instagram post?

Instagram is highly popular among various users than other different social media platforms. This app is widely used for picture-sharing content because almost 95 million pictures are uploaded every day. Aside from sharing images, the Instagram platform is also used for video sharing source

If you are a regular user of an Instagram account, you perhaps want to know who views your account. It is the most frequently asked question on the exploring page. Before moving ahead, you can see how often viewers viewed your post, but not exactly who visited your account. You can only check who visited your posts if you are an Instagram story.

Unluckily, you cannot check who visited the Instagram post. But if you upload your content or photo to your Instagram feed, there are two options to view. First, the number of views you get, and second, users like your content. Instagram doesn’t allow users to approach fundamental data. But you can view who liked the content or saw it. Besides, it only displays for a few people, and you cannot see users who viewed your posts but didn’t like them.

If you want to see who visited your Instagram posts, you can see it by two methods. You perhaps find them inappropriate and inefficient. But these two types can access you to see who visited your site.

How to check who visited Instagram posts via stories?

Are you really thinking that cannot check viewers who visited your posts? No, there are few options to find out viewers. You can check viewers when you upload your content to the Instagram story. Your Instagram story lets you check views of your uploaded content. If you upload content on the IG story, you can find who visited your account with a few simple procedures.

After uploading your content on your Instagram story, it may take some time for people to view your IG story. After some time, click on your Instagram story.

Press ‘Your Story’, and Instagram will show your content in a new window where you have uploaded it. On the left side, there will be a number of users who viewed your post. It is a really convenient way to see viewers who have visited your posts.

How to check viewed Instagram posts via like?

But if you want to see your content posted on your timeline or feed, you can check all users who visited posts and liked them. For this purpose, follow these simple steps.

  • Open your post if you want to check people who liked your content
  • Press ‘Liked by’ and press ‘other’ for the name of users who like your Instagram post.
  • There will be two numbers on the screen. First, for people who viewed your content, and second, for people who liked it. 
  • Now you can see the list of users who liked your Instagram post. However, this process doesn’t show who visited your posts. 
  • It only shows a few names of users who liked your posts. These are the users who visit and liked the content. But Instagram lets users provide essential data about people who viewed your content.

How to see views on Instagram reels?

Technically, Instagram allows you to check users how many times they have visited your uploaded posts. Now views on reels are known as ‘Play’ and it is reasonably convenient to check your viewers on your post.

  • Open your profile by pressing the ‘Profile icon’ of Instagram reels
  • Choose a specific video for which you want to check views on your content
  • Look at like, press ‘## likes’, and # reveal the number of views on your required reel.

Naturally, ‘###plays’ are the number of views, and it also provides information on how many times users viewed your reels for approximately three seconds. Similarly, it is necessary to signify the video loops because the same user can watch your content multiple times. Besides, these views are also the number of plays on reels.

How to check views on Instagram posts via a third-party app?

When users didn’t find any support to find users who viewed their Instagram posts, they tried to explore alternative ways like a third-party app. The third-party app can support them in attaining this complex task. Now you can see multiple apps in the market with the claim that they can access you to view users of your account. 

But avoid using these apps because if Instagram doesn’t offer data that has authority and all access, how other apps can functionally work over it? These apps are not reliable because they are not affiliated with Instagram. If you download these third-party apps on your gadgets, it will threaten the privacy of your account.

Final verdict:

Besides, Facebook attained Instagram and confirms there is no authentic way to approach those viewers who visited your content because both apps have the same strategies. So, there is no specific way except those mentioned above to see views on your post.



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