How To Maintain Your Car Dash Cam In India?

Dash cams are now the most used assistive technologies for vehicles considering they are low-cost accessories. Although cars have backup cameras, a dash cam for a car in India has extra features that work better than the default ones in the car. Front-facing dash cams are common, but any version will be great for most Indian drivers. The impressive video quality and ample storage space make dash cams nearly indestructible. However, there could be minor issues affecting the performance of your dash cam. Instead of replacing it, you can try these maintenance methods to get the most out of your video footage.

Clean your Windshield Regularly

Sometimes your dash cam may not work efficiently because of a dirty windshield. Even though the best dash cam for a car in India will not get clear footage records if the windshield is dirty. Cleaning the windshield to maintain a clear view is one way to maintain your dash cam.

Cleaning the windshield includes checking the wiper blades for any issues and replacing them. They can easily impact visibility and create minor obstructions causing your dashcam to work ineffectively.

Formatting and Replacing SD Cards

Considering a dash cam writes and overwrites on the SD card, you must format your dash cam’s SD card frequently. Sometimes partial files and temporary data can lead to performance issues or give a false memory full alert. Therefore, it is recommended that you format the memory card at least once monthly.

The dash cam has an on-screen menu that makes completing the process easier. If not, use your desktop viewer or smartphone app to clear memory files and check for other errors. When formatting the SD card, you must extract all your important footage and store them separately. If you have a cloud-enabled KENT CamEye CarCam 2, you can rely on a backup of the videos stored in the cloud storage and easily format the SD card.

Always Check the Settings

A dash cam for a car in India is built with features you cannot use all at once. You can determine the best video to record as you drive using the settings screen. Some settings to consider include resolutions and duration depending on the camera settings. You can tweak the settings by checking the amount of data transmitted by the video recording.

A time-lapse dash cam allows settings for storing important information like car registration and plate numbers. In addition, you can set GPS data logging to add security by using reliable equipment.

Upgrading Dash Cam Firmware

Sometimes your dash cam firmware may become obsolete without you noticing. Most people do not realize that their dash cam firmware is updatable to the latest version. After launching dash cams, manufacturers constantly review them to remove bugs and problems. They will investigate and fix these problems by providing firmware updates.

These updates also come with feature enhancements which you can use for free. So, keeping your dash cam in good shape means checking for updates and installing them to keep your camera in mint condition.

The benefits of a dash cam are immense, considering they are your eyes on the road that can keep a record of the journey. Therefore, car owners and drivers must ensure their cameras work in great condition without affecting the quality of the footage. If you do not care for your camera, you will not realize its advantages, so you will have to replace it frequently.

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