How to explain SEO to digital newbies?

As a digital marketer, you should know how important SEO is to your clients. SEO is the term used to describe the activity that attempts to improve a website’s ranking in search engines like Google. Search engines are highly critical to getting your website noticed, and you must consider what search engines are looking for in high-ranking websites. There are many factors which search engines look at. Search engines help people find your website; when more people discover your website, you are more likely to get the business. Your business can bring value to others, and search engines need to determine if your website also brings value to the customers. 

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What are the common SEO tactics?

The ones who are looking to boost their rankings on search engines can make use of many tactics and can employ these tactics to improve their rankings. The content of your website is also critical, as your website should consist of helpful content that people want to read. You should create content that is valuable and shareable. 

Creating valuable content starts with understanding the terms that could lead people to your website. These terms are known as keywords, and the keywords are phrases that help users understand what the content on your website is all about so that they will be able to determine whether or not they can benefit from your products and services. However, you should not overuse the keywords. If you do keyword stuffing, Google might penalize your website.

When the content you have created gets shared on the Internet, you get even more views than before. Google and other search engines will also notice your website and find your content valuable. They also might assign it more value in the rankings. Getting these links is a significant part of the SEO process, and it is also crucial to understand that you should correctly go about this process. In the past, many companies were only concerned about getting a certain number of links; however, now, search engines look for quality links. They do not want links from low-quality websites as Google determines these links to be irrelevant.

There are various ways to optimize your website to appear in Google searches, and one of the ways you can optimize your website is by ensuring that all your pages contain quality information. You should ensure that all the title tags and Meta descriptions include keywords crucial to appear in a good spot on the search engines.

If you try to replicate any content, Google deems it a duplicate, which is frowned upon. All of your content needs to be original and different. You should refrain from using content from other websites.

The best way to determine how SEO tactics affect your website is by tracking your progress. With the help of Google Analytics, one can also see how your website has improved or declined. You can adapt to Google algorithm updates when they occur using Google Analytics.

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How has SEO changed?

Over the years, search engines continuously evolved to show users the most relevant content. In the past, many companies discovered that keyword stuffing would help them rank better on Google. When the search engine realized this issue, a new algorithm was implemented to enhance the user experience. Since this time, all the algorithm updates have been put in place to increase the user experience which is one of the most important aspects of website creation.

Some other big changes over the last few years include the websites being penalized for purchasing the links with the intention of boosting Google rankings. 

Mobile devices are where most people do their internet searching and browsing. Google has also started focusing on rewarding websites which are optimized for mobile viewing. Google emphasizes building trust and authority by creating content that is creative and educational.

Following are some important responsibilities that a digital newbie should take into consideration-

  1. Research

Research is the most important step in the practice of SEO. There are many different forms of research for SEO. Keyword research is a very critical component of practice. However, there is also research which aims to identify the practices of the competitors of a company. Link research is also very meaningful, and it identifies the tactics being employed for improving the link profile of other brands. Competitor research is another aspect of SEO which should not be ignored as this aspect reveals the actual practices which the competitors use to secure high rankings on the SERPs.

  1. Implementation

There is an abundance of research and SEOs can also begin implementing one-site modifications which they believe will help the website improve its rankings on SERPs. SEO also tends to focus on a few core areas including the page titles and the Meta descriptions. There are on-site elements such as the header tags and the anchor text. The initial implementation might take a few weeks depending on the size of the website as well as the number of page-level changes that are required.  

  1. Optimization

There should be research-driven changes implemented on the website and the SEO will then be able to determine how successful their initial efforts have been. SEO should also set out to optimize the pages upon which they have made changes. You should enhance the relevancy of a page for a particular keyword and also strategically link all the other pages to the pages being optimized. 

  1. Analysis

Analyzing your website constantly is very important as the analysis can reveal the quality as well as the usefulness of the research. It should also implement the quality of the implementation and the optimization efforts. In the past, it was common to measure the success of the company by the search results, but as the company and the marketers have matured, a better approach is to measure and uplift the organic traffic. 

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