How To Bookmark Tweets On Twitter So You Can Consult With Them Later?

If you’re new to Twitter, you could be forgiven for wondering that the “Like” button is the first-rate way to save interesting tweets for later. But as you will quickly discover, liking a Tweet isn’t strictly about that — it’s more about signaling a Tweet’s value to others. If you need to mark a tweet for later, you should use Twitter’s bookmarks as an alternative. When you bookmark a Tweet, it seems for your bookmarks list on both your cell app and Twitter net browser.

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How To Bookmark Tweets Using The Cellular App

  1. When you discover a Tweet you need to shop for later, faucet the Share button in the bottom proper of the Tweet.


  1. In the Share Tweet pop-up window, faucet “Bookmark” (you will find it in the backside row of buttons).

Three. To discover your bookmarks, tap the hamburger menu (the three horizontal traces on the pinnacle left of the display screen) and then tap “Bookmarks” inside the menu.

To cast off a Tweet from your bookmarks, tap the Share icon , and then within the Tweet Share window, faucet “Remove Bookmark.”

You can get some more knowledge how to bookmark a tweet

How To Bookmark Tweets In Net Browser

  1. Open Twitter in a web browser and then locate the Tweet you need to share.
  2. Click on the percentage button at the lowest right of the tweet.
  3. In the pop-up menu, click on “Add Tweet to Bookmarks”.

Four. To find your bookmarks, faucet the bookmarks icon in the pane on the left aspect of the page – it looks as if a flag.

To do away with a Tweet out of your bookmarks, tap the Share icon , and then in the dropdown menu, faucet “Remove Tweet from Bookmarks.”

How To Bookmark Tweet?

Finding an exciting tweet and trying to reveal it to someone or scrolling lower back to read a new retweet may be tough at instances. Twitter has a regular flow of latest content material, which makes it sincerely difficult to discover particular tweets if you do not have a username or screenshot to search by.

However, Twitter has a bookmarks choice that helps you to discover precise tweets without difficulty via saving them to the bookmarks segment. In this text, you will discover ways to bookmark a tweet the usage of numerous tools.

How To Bookmark Tweets On Ipad

The Twitter app for iOS devices offers a spread of capabilities, inclusive of the ability to bookmark a tweet. If you are strange with Twitter, you could assume that the “Like” button is the fastest manner to bookmark exceptional Tweets. However, as you will fast examine, liking a Tweet isn’t precisely the identical and it is not the best way to shop a Tweet.

This is why the bookmark characteristic is useful or even essential. If you need to keep a tweet for destiny reference, you need to use Twitter’s bookmarks feature rather. After you bookmark a Tweet, it appears on your bookmarks list in each the mobile app and the web browser model of Twitter.

To Bookmark A Tweet For Your Ipad, Observe Those Steps:

When you see a Tweet you need to keep for destiny references, touch the “Share” icon inside the lower proper corner of the Tweet.

Tap “Bookmark” within the Share Tweet pop-up window (it is within the backside row of alternatives).

To get right of entry to your bookmarks, tap the three horizontal traces within the pinnacle-left nook of the display, then faucet “Bookmarks.”

To remove a Tweet from your bookmarks, click on the Share icon after which tap “Remove Bookmark” inside the Share Tweet container.

The Way To Bookmark Tweet On Iphone

The most popular smartphone within the US is the iPhone. Therefore, it’s far secure to count on that the U.S. Most humans inside the U.S. Use Twitter on their iPhones. Because iPads and iPhones use the same running system, the stairs for bookmarking a tweet are quite similar.

Launch Twitter.

Tap on the Tweet you want to shop. This opens the Tweet in a new window.

Select the “Share” button. On an iPhone, it looks like an upside-down bracket with an arrow pointing up.

To add a Tweet to your bookmarks, tap “Add Tweet to Bookmarks”.

Your stored Tweets can be available thru the cellular and net browser versions of Twitter. Also, the individual that published the Tweet will no longer be alerted about the bookmark.

To get admission to your bookmarked Tweets, click on the “Bookmarks” tab. It’s positioned inside the menu bar on the left. You can also need to first faucet your profile picture within the top-left corner of the News Stream at the cell app.

To take away a Tweet from your bookmarks, virtually faucet on it to view it, click on the “Share” button, after which pick “Remove Tweet from Bookmarks.”


How To Bookmark A Tweet On An Android Device

Bookmarking Tweets on an Android tool is just like bookmarking on an iOS tool. This is due to the fact the Android app affords all the equal functions because the iOS mobile app. Keep in thoughts that there are numerous one of a kind sorts of Android devices and the stairs can be slightly different on every, but the important idea isto the “Bookmark” tab to study or cast off your bookmarked tweets.

How To Bookmark A Tweet On A Pc

Twitter is fully on hand thru an internet browser the usage of a PC. This includes the bookmarking feature as nicely. The steps to bookmark a tweet on PC are:

Open Twitter in your browser and discover a tweet you wish to bookmark.

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