How Fundraising Helps Pregnant Mothers

Most of us have come across a person or group of people requesting us to provide monetary or non-monetary assistance to other people in need or at least seen a flier on the wall of a building to donate clothes, books, etc. Very few of us have been on the other side of this, diverting people’s attention towards something that can make small, yet impactful change.

Fundraising is collecting and accumulating voluntarily contributed funds from people, companies, nonprofit organizations, or governmental bodies. Although attempts to raise money for nonprofit organizations are commonly referred to as fundraising, it is occasionally used to describe the search for and attraction of donors or other funding sources for businesses.

Typically, most fundraising has involved soliciting donations in person, such as by asking people in a common public facility, such as the mall, to support a good cause. However, women who are about to give birth but lack the necessary resources that guarantee a safer delivery do qualify as a community that needs our attention, and why we should help them is explained in the paragraphs below.

Helping Those in Need

One of life’s greatest blessings and most significant changes is having a child. Unfortunately, even work, relationships, and sleep may suffer due to a woman’s commitment to raising her child. While there will undoubtedly be many milestones during the beautiful journey of parenthood, anxiety because of financial issues shouldn’t be included.

One might assume that only childbirth is what these funds will help with, but the mother’s health status before giving birth also needs attention. Similarly, it is typical to pay medical fees after giving birth. The postpartum period is crucial for the safety and wellness of both the mother and the newborn. In actuality, most postpartum expenditure occurs after the first several days after giving birth.

Considering the above scenario, it only highlights a need to gather funds for pregnant mothers, no matter which stage of pregnancy they are at, where they belong, and who they are. It is our responsibility as good citizens and decent human beings.

The Many Trials 

Usually, being pregnant is an exciting time. However, there are occasions when expectant mothers and their spouses may feel as though they are also carrying a bundle of stress instead of joy, and as awful as that to assume, it is true for many. They are overwhelmed with tasks. In addition, they have to adjust to the adjustments and unpredictability that occur with pregnancy and delivery.

Both couples’ relationships and sense of collaboration are strengthened when they provide support for one another. However, albeit super important, moral support falls short when there is no financial security to guarantee safe delivery and proper care for the mother and child yet to be born.

Stress is terrible for the baby, so a pregnant mother who is already very emotional and her body is going through physical changes does not need this additional and very daunting stress. Maybe we can’t help calming them down through emotional support only, but gathering funds to ensure a safer, better delivery and care for both the mother and the baby will consequently positively affect their mood.

After all, we all know that medical procedures are costly, so to help someone in need in the best way we can is the right thing to do!

There is Hope for Those Who Believe in it!

As a very famous saying goes, where there is a will, there is a way! Getting community support is the most efficient way to collect money instantly.

Pregnant women who need financial assistance can receive instant and potent assistance from their community as they look for, ask for, and wait for other benefits or assistance. 

These kinds of fundraising events typically take place independently of charities or nonprofits. Therefore, the donations made by the participants are not tax deductible.

Go Digital 

Almost all of us have probably heard or seen requests for donations in news broadcasts, blogs, or websites to assist a family in rehabilitating from a catastrophe or to pay for someone’s medical expenses. 

If you use social media, you will notice that it has become a very active platform for collecting funds. The people in your friend list can help raise money for pregnant mothers if you ask your friends to support you and then ask their connections to disseminate your plea for assistance in this noble cause.

The Benefits of fundraising 

Your contribution may have a significant impact on your neighborhood. Moreover, your consistent and effective efforts are contagious and might motivate everyone around you to do the same.

By acting as a role model, you encourage the people around you to donate to causes that are important to them. Their contributions encourage others to do the same. These donations and fundraising might accomplish more than just making you feel wealthy. Giving can increase your appreciation and gratitude, improving your well-being, joy, and happiness. Additionally, being grateful can improve relationships and reduce stress.

With so many benefits in mind, you might be wondering how to make an impact. You can start by donating to well-reputed organizations, such as Transparent Hands.

Numerous charitable groups provide free assistance for pregnant moms in addition to government initiatives and crowdsourcing. Transparent Hands is an organization that is doing fantastic work, whether you’re searching for more resources or want to become engaged. 

The US-based 501© (3) charitable organization Transparent Hands Foundation US INC. is one of Pakistan’s most significant platforms for crowdsourcing in the healthcare industry. It provides the disadvantaged population of Pakistan with a full spectrum of free quality healthcare, such as surgical and medical procedures and free health camp services.

This online service for fundraising offers contributors from all around the world the chance to make donations to deserving patients while maintaining clear accountability.


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