How does the health ATM improve patient care?

How does the health ATM improve patient care?

Do you know about ATMs? ATM means for any time money. This term is used to give 24*7 facilities that are available anytime for users. One of the best technologies, like the ATM, is provided by clinics on the cloud, named the health Kiosk system.

The goal of health ATM is to give basic healthcare facilities at a minimal cost. This software is installed under the smart city mission.

Health ATMs are successfully installed at many locations, like 10 in community health centers, 3 in urban primary health centers, 7 in primary health centers, and 10 in government hospitals like municipal offices and divisional commissioner offices. Read the article to learn about the facilities of health ATMs that improve patient care.

Facilities are offered at health ATMs.

Here is the list of facilities offered at the health ATM. If you also want to benefit from this latest technical equipment, you should know about its facilities.

1. Allow the diagnosis process for 40 health problems, like heart rate, blood pressure, body mass index, pregnancy test, dengue test, urine test, body mass index, malaria, typhoid, etc.

2. Another best thing is that the trained medical staff are stationed at every clinic on cloud health ATMs to ensure that users can easily and accurately go through their health checkups.

3. Users can easily get the reports of their health tests instantly in 10 mins.

4. Another good thing for users is that they can easily use the health ATM free of cost for the starting month.

5. The patient can easily connect with their doctors through the telephone installed at the health ATM and join in video conferences with the medical professionals for consultations.

Why there is a need for health ATM

As we tell you, the health ATM and equipped medical devices are continuously making efforts to improve primary care services and offer easy, quick, and preventive health screening.

Here is why the need to install the health ATM at healthcare centers arises.

  • It is the perfect solution to the growing burden of an increasing number of patients in health centers and hospitals.
  • It aids in dealing with a skewed patient to the ratio of doctors in rural areas.
  • It helps to assist the clinical staff at primary care centers by offering better health point care services.
  • It also serves the wellness walk-in in urban areas
  • It is considered an effective tool for disseminating primary healthcare services in rural areas.
  • The major reason for using the health ATM is that it is an affordable and cost effective solution.
  • It helps people to become more health conscious and live a healthy lifestyle.


Health ATM plays an important role in the early identification of health diseases and preventing them. As the trend is a shift towards noncommunicable diseases, it is important to emphasize rapid testing management of communicable and non-communicable diseases.

From rural to other areas, the health ATM is considered a quick tool that helps people to go through the daily check-in process.


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