G.U.M.S Procedure: The New Cosmetic Treatment For Your Teeth

If you’re tired of the unsightly gaps between your teeth that simply aren’t going away no matter what you do, you’re not alone. The gingival uniformity modulation system (GUMS) procedure has been designed with your oral health goals in mind, and many dental patients have seen incredible results with their new and improved smile! Here, we discuss the GUMS procedure in detail to help you learn more about it and what it could mean for your smile moving forward!

What Are Gum Stains?

When a lack of oral hygiene and poor diet combine, teeth often develop noticeable discoloration (stains). Tooth stains can be difficult to get rid of completely, but with regular brushing, you may be able to prevent them from worsening. What are they? Tooth stains form when something reacts with tooth enamel and interferes with its normal color. Enamel is a highly mineralized substance on top of your teeth, which protects your dental tissues from decay and infection below it… Just as with any other stain on clothes or carpeting in your home, tooth enamel is susceptible to reactions that alter its appearance over time.

What Causes Gum Stains?

Dr. Stanley’s research led him to believe that oxygen, combined with a chemical reaction, caused many of his patients’ discolored teeth and yellowing over time. After years of experimenting with various ways to keep oxygen from reaching oral tissue, he found something that worked—and thus, Britegums was born! Dr. Stanley’s patented GUMS procedure uses a gaseous mix of hydrogen peroxide and ozone to treat tooth enamel and break down harmful bacteria in your mouth. This proprietary process combines oxygen-releasing crystals, like those found in toothpaste, with gaseous ozone, creating what Dr.

Can Teeth Whitening Help?

Besides cosmetic benefits, teeth whitening can have other positive effects. It can be used to prevent or treat discoloration caused by tetracycline or other medications, tooth decay, and aging. Dr. Robert Stanley’s patented GUMS procedure is a revolutionary treatment that takes dental hygiene to a new level of excellence and delivers unprecedented results with excellent patient satisfaction…

What Is G.U.M.S?

The gum line is composed of tissue and gums that cover your teeth, says Dr. Stanley. Disease or trauma to your gums can lead to recession of these tissues causing them to appear longer than others and potentially making your smile less attractive than it could be. Surgery on healthy tissues involves a fair amount of risk and with growth rates slowing down as we age, it can be impossible to achieve completely even results across all teeth once they have erupted through our gums. GUMs technology provides an alternative treatment option because it disrupts only soft tissue (gum) rather than hard tissue (bone). Based on Dr.

How Does It Work?

G.U.M.S is a cosmetic treatment process that creates beautiful, healthy-looking teeth in just one visit. Through a quick and non-invasive procedure, Dr. Stanley can make your teeth appear whiter and brighter with little to no sensitivity after treatment! Gums typically become discolored as we age due to years of staining from food, drinks, smoking, and other forms of oral damage; however, Gums is an innovative procedure that uses natural enzymes to safely remove stains on contact while eliminating or reducing sensitivity! Using advanced technology within his office, Dr. Stanley will be able to customize a treatment plan specifically designed to meet your needs by identifying potential obstacles such as sensitive teeth or underlying oral health issues you may have..

Who Can Benefit From It?

Anyone looking to change their smile without invasive or costly procedures can benefit from G.U.M.S.-especially those who are self-conscious of their laugh lines, unsightly gums and receding gums due to gum recession or gum disease, unattractive dental work such as veneers that do not match with their natural teeth color, etc., and those people who are interested in having a tooth bleaching treatment but don’t want to spend too much money on it…

Who Shouldn’t Get It Done?

You should wait a few months after you’ve finished whitening treatments to give your teeth a chance to rest. If you smoke or have dry mouth, avoid gum contouring because it can make your gums recede and potentially cause tooth loss in time. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding shouldn’t undergo any kind of cosmetic dental treatment because their gums are sensitive enough without surgery to support healthy tissue levels in their gums.

What Are The Procedures Involved In Getting GUMS Done?

With so many options available to treat your teeth, it’s easy to get confused about how exactly it’ll all go down. Here’s a simplified explanation of what happens during a GUMS procedure: First, a thin layer of light-activated gel is applied to your teeth…

Is there Anything I Should Do After Getting My Teeth whitened With G.U.M.S?

When you receive G.U.M.S, we will give you detailed instructions on how to maintain your teeth after treatment and also what to do if you begin feeling sensitivity in any of your teeth (tooth sensitivity can sometimes occur after whitening). In general, following our post-treatment advice is important when it comes to maintaining a whiter smile since your teeth are now more vulnerable than before due to removing that protective layer of enamel. If you experience sensitivity, some over-the-counter toothpaste may be helpful; but if not, do NOT leave out taking care of your teeth!

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