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About Amazon

Amazon is the largest e-commerce online platform and retail platform, it is a multinational technology company located in Washington, America. It is considered one of the biggest technology companies along with Google, Facebook, Apple, etc. 

It is the most trusted online platform in digital marketing. It has many sectors like cloud computing, artificial intelligence, digital streaming and e-commerce.


We will discuss how the food company owners can get FSSAI registration to enlist themselves on the Amazon platform.

As we know that Amazon is the most trusted brand and to maintain its credibility, Amazon maintains certain rules and regulations it has to be obeyed by the listed companies.

Do you need an FSSAI license to sell food online on Amazon

FSSAI is an independent executive body, which comes under the ministry of health affairs.

It has been established under the FSSAI act, of 2006.

The responsibility of FSSAI is to supervise, issue licenses, and frame the rules and regulations for food manufacturers and suppliers.


So to secure public health and food security, this registration is needed. So the food business owners need a registration that is authorized by FSSAI. In order to enlist on the Amazon platform, the owners need to register their company under  FSSAI food registration.

Types of FSSAI license in India

Because there are different categories of FSSAI licenses, most food industry operators are unsure which license they are eligible for. Here we will discuss the types of FSSAI registration. we’ll go over all the many FSSAI/Food Licence issued under Food Licence Registration and how a business can apply for their registration, the government fee structure, and other details. This is the comprehensive guide for types of Food Licence : 


There are three types of FSSAI license.

  • FSSAI Basic Licence:

If the yearly turnover of a food business firm is less than 12 lakhs then the traders are required to get FSSAI Basic Registration and they have to get registered with Registration form A.

  • FSSAI State Licence:


Annual turnover of the food enterprises is between 12 lakhs and 20 lakhs then the food operators have to obtain FSSAI State registration. And apply to Get registered with registration form B.

  • FSSAI Central Licence: 


The annual turnover should be more than 20 lakhs then the food operators need to get FSSAI Central registration. Here they have to apply with registration form B.


  • So the food business operator must apply for FSSAI online registration based on the annual turnover range specified above.

FSSAI Licence fee 

  • Basic FSSAI Licence fee:

For application and other procedures, it will charge only  Rs 100.

  • State FSSAI Licence fee:

Here there are different criterias for payment of fees so it will charge ranging from Rs 2000 to Rs 5000 for 1 year. 

Renewal fee – depends upon the number of years selected. 


Modification fee – It will change the same as the application fee.

  • Central FSSAI   Licence fee:

For a new application, it will charge Rs 7500 for 1 year.


Renewal application fee – Rs 7500


License modification fee – Rs 7500


So these are the different criterias to apply for the FSSAI registration and fee structures. According to their eligibility, the food operators can avail of this registration.


Now in the next paragraph, I will tell you the required documents which are needed for the FSSAI registration.

 FSSAI licence documents :

For the Basic FSSAI registration documents 

1) address proof ID

 2) passport size photo

 3) Business name and address

 4) You need identity proof such as voter ID, PANcard, Ration card Driving, Aadhar card, ID issued by an authorized department, passport, etc.  

5) Food Business operators’ photo identity

6)  List of items etc.

For the state FSSAI registration 

  1. ID proof of the individual like Diver license, aadhar card, passport, voter ID, etc.
  2. rental agreement of  Business
  3. PAN card, GST registration, Shop or institution establishment 
  4. nature of business
  5. FSSAI Declaration form etc.

Central FSSAI registration

  1. Filled and signed copy of form B
  2. need FBO photo  identity
  3. provide the certificate of partnership deed
  4. provide a list of products which you will deal for the business
  5. rental agreement copy
  6. the framework of the food safety management system.


 Some other documents need to be submitted as per requirement.

Apply for FSSAI registration 

If you have all the above documents for the registration under FSSAI then you can apply for fssai license by visiting our official site.”.


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Conclusion :

Following all the above processes, food owners can be listed on the amazon platform.

And along with this,  food owners must comply with all the rules and norms prescribed by Amazon. 

If the owners fail to maintain these norms then they can be terminated from Amazon-listed companies by Amazon and if this business is running continuously, it can be sued. So the food owners whose companies are listed on this platform have to follow all compliances mandated by FSSAI.


In India, FSSAI is the main institution to roll out the food companies’ registration on any online platform like Amazon.          

so, This is the first and main step to getting a license from FSSAI to get listed on Amazon’s online platform and sell their products.

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