Car cleaning, from the outside to the inside

Car cleaning is the service offered in car wash centers. It is carried out in two modalities: the car wash and the car wash. The first is an automatic system that is responsible for washing the vehicle. In the second, it is the car wash professional who carries out the car cleaning.

Currently, we can find both car wash centers that clean the vehicle by hand, as well as car wash centers. In the same way, it is possible to complete them in order to offer a complementary and deeper service, which adapts to the needs of each user.

At steamgrønt we have been dedicated to car washing in Zealand form many years. We are a car wash center that combines car washing and vehicle washing by hand, so we are going to review what car cleaning consists of, its dental modalities and the most current aspects. Let’s go to the carwash!

What is car cleaning?

Car cleaning consists of the professional service that is carried out in car wash centers. Anyone can clean their car, but car cleaning is considered a professional service that seeks to clean the car in depth, based on knowledge and specialization.

For example, it may be that we buy a car cleaning kit or various car cleaning products to wash our vehicle. But, we probably will not have enough tools or means, or knowledge of the function of each car cleaning product, to achieve a professional finish.

A classic example would be wanting to polish the headlights so that they shine, when what the waxing really provides is more safety in driving and a greater longevity of its function. Another is to wash the exterior of the car, but without knowing the phases of pre-washing, soaping, drying or waxing.

In this sense, it is important to have specific knowledge of each part of the vehicle, its components, function and optimal cleaning of the product. Therefore, we always talk about exterior car cleaning and interior car cleaning. Together, they form what we know as comprehensive car cleaning.

Comprehensive car cleaning

Comprehensive car cleaning groups both exterior cleaning and interior cleaning. Therefore, it is a manual car wash in which car cleaning is carried out both outside and inside.

In comprehensive cleaning, cleaning the exterior car, as we said, is usually done by hand. On the contrary, when we opt only for an external car cleaning service, it is usually a car wash service. It is the car wash train or bridge that performs this car cleaning.

But, when we opt for a comprehensive car service, both the interior and exterior washing is usually carried out manually, since it is a complete service. Therefore, from the pre-wash, to vacuuming and cleaning the rims, it is carried out by car wash professionals.

Exterior car cleaning

When we talk about exterior car cleaning as a single and separate service, it is understood as an express wash. This is because it is fast and does not usually require an appointment, because although it is a high-quality wash, it is carried out by automatic machinery, such as the bridge or car wash.

It is the ideal option to wash the vehicle without reservation, with a shiny and protected finish. In addition, we also bet on a quick vacuum and a cleaning of tires.

We differentiate between three options: normal wash (complete exterior wash), recommended wash (with quick vacuuming and tire cleaning) and Super Complete Wash (with high quality and protection products).

Interior car cleaning

Regarding interior car cleaning, we return to the starting point: comprehensive car cleaning. In other words, interior cleaning is usually associated with a complete car cleaning process. External cleaning is usually considered as its own service, but internal cleaning also implies external cleaning.

In this sense, it is understood as a complete -organic- cleaning, in which in order to obtain a correct interior cleaning, we first need to leave the exterior in good condition. Without one, the other loses meaning and functionality.



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