A powerful, no-nonsense scooter designed for speed, agility, and durability is the Bronco 11 Xtreme. It looks like a Dualtron Thunder from a distance. With improvements like a much larger double clamp, wider handlebars, upgraded engines, and better adjustable suspension, the Bronco 11 Xtreme appears to be the Dualtron Thunder’s comeback.

All scooter companies must be

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gin somewhere, and Bronco has done so with the 11 Xtreme, but are you willing to spend £3500 on a scooter made by a new company? Should you be worried, and what about the parts? Dependability or assurance?

Performance Evaluation

All scooter firms must begin somewhere, and Bronco has done so with the 11 Xtreme, but are you willing to spend £3500 on a scooter built by a new company? Should you be worried, and what about the parts? Dependability or assurance?

Let’s cut to the chase: the 11 Xtreme performs, quite literally, beyond comprehension. We compare the acceleration to that of a well-tuned motorcycle, but when you’re standing on a small deck and grasping a pair of handlebars, it’s a very different sensation.

What distinguishes the rion re90 canada is the sheer torque and acceleration delivered by two BLDC hub motors with a combined peak output of 8400w, and no, that is NOT a typo, we mean 8400w!

It’s difficult to put into words how different an 8400-watt scooter would be from the majority of everyday scooters because even the maximum performance tier for most people is in the 5400–5600 watt range.


Like most scooters, the Bronco 11 Xtreme’s top speed depends on a variety of factors. Although the manufacturer claims a top speed of 70 mph, we all know they tend to be fairly optimistic. However, according to Strava over GPS, we were able to reach 62 mph on a chilly day with a 90% charge.

On a warmer day (17c), after the battery had run a few cycles from new, we were able to hit 68.2mph on Strava on flat ground, putting 70mph within reach, but we doubt you’d get any faster than 68mph on a flat. Riders might reach 70 mph on any minor downhill slope.

  • When we added a larger rider, we increased our speed to 61 mph (93kg).
  • Depending on the rider and the situation, the Bronco 11 Xtreme accelerates in the same way.
  • The strike was successful for us (with a 64kg rider on a warm day).
  • From 0 to 30 mph in 4.89 seconds.
  • From 0 to 60 mph, it takes 9.87 seconds.

Other high-end scooters such as the Dualtron Thunder, Dualtron Ultra 2, ZERO 11X, Vsett 10+, and Kaabo Wolf Warrior / Wolf Warrior King will easily outrun the Bronco 11 Xtreme and also check these eriders.


The Bronco 11 Xtreme is powered by an LG MJ1 35AH battery with high-performance 18650 cells. You’d think that because the battery is similar in size and construction to the Thunder, it would fit, however, the Bronco’s battery is simply too small.

Why? The batteries will completely depleted after driving the Bronco at full power for 18 miles. And if it’s cooler outside and the battery has already undergone some cycling, they will drop even lower.

The Bronco’s overall range average qualifies. It is for racing and some commuting, but it won’t be able to keep up with you on longer trips. The maximum commute distance before the BMS cut-out before returning home would be 10-15 miles each way.

Model of the Motor

What really distinguishes the Bronco from other scooters are its engines. The scooter has two BLDC hub motors that are rated at a maximum of 4200w each. Which is roughly 3x the power output of lower-level performance scooters.

We impressed the Bronco’s hub motors. Because they appeared to have a thin silicone gasket/sealant on the motor to prevent water intrusion.

Construction And Build Quality

In terms of construction, the Bronco 11 Xtreme appears to be a progression of the Dualtron Thunder. Aviation Aluminum 6061-T6 Forging The scooter’s frame made of alloy, carbon fiber, and polypropylene. The frame is extremely strong and finished in a high-quality powder coat.

The sleek, curved, and dark grey/black painted suspension arms give the components, especially the rear suspension, which is genuinely unique to this scooter, a lovely architectural impression.


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