Recently, choosing the greatest cellphones has caused price shock. Smartphone offers below let you win both ways. Enjoy cutting-edge smartphone tech while saving money. We found the greatest Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, 5G, and other phone offers. Best phone available on Black Friday phone deals. There are plenty of amazing bargains that tempt you to buy something new. Let us explain their attractiveness.




Colorful screen Android 12 software Wide support

Even if the Pixel 6 Pro is more fashionable, the Pixel 6 has lots to adore. Its compatibility with the current Android OS as a Google device is its major selling feature. Best smartphone deals Google optimizes Android as Apple optimizes hardware. You can also be certain that a Google Pixel smartphone will be supported for a long time.

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Google Pixel 6 cameras are excellent. The primary 50MP f/1.85 aperture camera and 12MP wide-angle camera have 114-degree fields of vision. The 8MP selfie camera is fixed-focused. Google Pixel 6’s robust software supports photographs in all cases.



  • Lovely screen
  • Great job!
  • Flexible camera
  • S-Pen built-in

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra may be the best smartphone now. It looks and feels luxurious. Its 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED panel boasts a 120Hz refresh rate and 3,088 x 1,440 resolution. HDR10+ and 1,750 nits are supported. It appears fantastic even in bright sunshine, so you’ll have a terrific streaming experience on the go. Best smartphone deals the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra also has an S Pen in a storage slot on the bottom. This allows you to be more accurate on screen without using your fingers, plus it’s tucked away so it won’t slip out.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has a great camera and many choices. It has a 108MP primary wide camera, two 10MP telephoto lenses, and a 120-degree 12MP ultra wide lens. With a tripod and little adjustment, the 100x Space Zoom can take stunning moon photos. Samsung provides amazing software to optimize your camera options.



  • Bright hardware
  • Exhibit
  • Dependability
  • Good fingerprint sensor

Even though it’s older, the Samsung Galaxy S21 is a solid phone with plenty of wonderful features. Despite its plastic back, its many hues feel pleasant in your hands. Best smartphone deals the 120Hz refresh rate of a full HD+ 6.2-inch display makes scrolling smooth. An in-display fingerprint sensor and vivid colors assist here.

Since it functions well, the Samsung Galaxy S21 emphasizes simplicity. It runs Android 11 and Samsung’s One UI, which requires some tweaking but is largely fun to use. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 CPU makes the Samsung Galaxy S21 fast enough for gaming and work-related multitasking. 5G support lets you commute and enjoy the newest games.



  • Strong processor
  • Great cameras
  • Fast iOS Day-long battery

The Apple iPhone 11 is fast and decent in other areas, making it worth your time and money. The iPhone 11’s A13 Bionic processor with Neural Engine keeps performance fast. IOS is built to work well with such CPUs, so nothing seems slow. Even the newest games run well here.

The iPhone 11’s cameras are very powerful and dependable. Best smartphone deals it offers night mode, portrait mode, and 4K video at 60 frames per second. You can snap excellent photos in many scenarios. A 12MP True Depth front camera with Portrait Mode, 4K video, and solo makes selfies easy. Face ID works well for phone logins without a passcode.



  • Well-performing camera
  • Efficiency
  • Nice 5G support

The Apple iPhone 12, although no longer the latest, is still an excellent phone for most people. Aluminum frames are better than plastic ones. Even with fingerprints, a matte surface feels excellent in your palms. Its OLED display looks amazing too. The 6.1-inch screen features less bezels than previous generations. The sharp, bright display has superb viewing angles and outdoor visibility. We wouldn’t encourage trying the iPhone 12’s Ceramic Shield glass, which claims 4 times better drop performance.

IPhone 12 multitasks well elsewhere. Best smartphone deals Game, stream, or work on the go. All modes function well with the A14 Bionic chip. In 5G areas, the iPhone 12 can accomplish anything quickly without Wi-Fi. After a day, battery life is sufficient.


Best smartphone deals on smartphones are now a significant financial commitment, therefore anything that can be done to reduce their outlandish price is much welcomed. The good news is that free iPhones may still be had around Black Friday, albeit they may come with strings attached.

AT&T gave out the 128GB Samsung Galaxy S21 last year. The phone released in January 2021, therefore Black Friday bargains were expected. This deal required consumers to be AT&T subscribers or willing to switch. Customers also had to continue on a $75-per-month plan. Then, $800 in bill credits. That was a great bargain if you satisfied those qualifications, earning our Staff Pick badge.

We anticipate bargains on older Samsung phones, particularly reconditioned ones. Last Black Friday, eBay sold a Verizon-refurbished Samsung Galaxy S20 128GB for $350. EBay also has a $420 reconditioned Samsung Galaxy S20+ with 128GB of storage. Both were Staff Picks.


Motorola’s Razr, now with smartphone characteristics, remains its most famous product. The Razr isn’t cheap. To save expenses, consider alternate models. Last year, Amazon sold an unlocked Moto G Power for $163 and a Moto E for $120.

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Amazon also sells Motorola devices. On Black Friday 2021, various smartphone models were discounted up to 43%.

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