Airtable Review vs Easy Projects Review for your Business

When comparing Airtable review and Easy Projects review, these are two popular spreadsheet apps for making lists and collaborating with coworkers. Both products have similar features but have different uses. Airtable has a gallery view that’s good for projects with lots of images. You can also use it as a makeshift portfolio, compiling due dates and images.

Airtable Review

While talking about Airtable Review, Airtable’s help center is one of the most extensive in the market. It has video tutorials covering every aspect of the software and articles on just about every subject imaginable. Moreover, there is a community forum where you can interact with other users and ask questions.

Airtable supports multiple platforms and has mobile apps. Its interface is very clean and easy to use. It is compatible with many third-party services and includes an API that can be used to integrate external systems. It also offers multiple pricing plans. The free plan allows up to five creators and up to two databases. Each database has 1,200 records and 2GB of attachments.

Those working on a bigger project will benefit from the enterprise plan, which offers more collaboration features. It also offers dedicated customer service, advanced security features, custom API limits, and early access to new features. In addition, Airtable integrates with Dropbox, Slack, and MailChimp. You can also import data from third-party solutions and readjust the fields in your database.

For a business that needs to track projects and schedules, Airtable excels in this department. Its intuitive interface and color-coded priorities make it easy to use, and its templates are ready to use. You can also customize Airtable’s templates to meet your needs.

Airtable is a relational database and online collaboration system that allows you and your team to collaborate on a project. It can be used for ideas, tasks, and inventory, and it can also function as a sophisticated accounting system. The platform has an intuitive design, which means that you can use it by yourself without training.

Easy Projects Review

When it comes to project management, Easy Projects Review, a great tool to help organize your workflow. The system makes it simple to automate tasks, and even those without advanced technical skills can use it. The software also features a project calendar, reporting tools, and billing options. It also caters to large organizations that need to manage multiple projects at once.

The application is available on desktop, iOS, and Android. It has an extensive knowledge base, as well as video tutorials to help you get started. It also has a help ticket system, which you can use in case you run into problems. This lets you bypass the need to call or chat with someone else. Simply input your account details, the nature of the problem, and attach relevant files.

The company claims that using Easy Projects will save your organization time and money. Its website offers a calculator to calculate how much time you’ll save per person. However, you should note that these figures are based on a number of users and are not guaranteed to apply to your organization. You can also choose an on-premise version of the software.

While Easy Projects has a lot to offer, it also has some cons. Some users say that it’s too complicated and does not save them time. Users have also complained that the time tracker is cumbersome and that there’s no way to customize it. The software does, however, offer a free 14-day trial. This trial allows you to try it out before paying for a full version of the software.

Easy Projects is an all-in-one project management software solution that helps you manage multiple projects. This connects clients, contractors, and teams and allows you to stay within budget. This software also enables you to analyze the performance of each project and avoid costly mistakes. It helps you to identify bottlenecks in activities and resources, and it helps you set deadlines. It also has a Gantt chart that makes it easy to visualize project progress.

Airtable Benefits

Airtable provides a variety of paid plans that include health insurance and paid vacation. Free plans are limited to 1,200 records per base, while paid plans include unlimited bases and 5 users. The free version also does not allow users to add applications to their bases, or customize forms with header images. Furthermore, free plans severely limit calendar functions, including creating date ranges and plotting multiple date fields. For businesses, Airtable Pro plans offer more features for a low monthly fee.

Airtable allows users to create and customize custom applications. Using its platform for building custom tools, businesses can streamline their workflows and processes without the need to learn programming languages. Customers of Airtable use its tools for everything from tracking job interviews to managing large-scale video production. The company boasts thousands of customers who use it to automate the most crucial business processes.

Collaboration is another key benefit of Airtable. Users can share data and configure collaboration settings with their coworkers. By allowing multiple people to edit a project or task, team members can work efficiently on a single document. Additionally, users can control who can see their data, and whether they can import it to another application.

Airtable offers the highest level of customization among workflow management tools. It allows users to create databases in grid, spreadsheet, and gallery views. This makes it suitable for almost any task. In addition to this, the platform supports multiple workspaces and bases. As a result, different views can be created with ease.

Users can easily sort and filter records with the use of filters and other tools. Users can also hide certain fields in their records. They can view their data in different ways, such as by priority, departments, and deadline.

Easy Projects Benefits

Easy Projects is a professional project management software that helps teams plan projects, deliver top-notch work, and keep budgets under control. With features such as task dependency analysis and resource loading simulations, it provides a complete picture of a project’s progress and predicts changes in deadlines.

This software is a simple, yet effective tool for managing projects. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to use and comes with an impressive feature set. It allows you to schedule tasks, set due dates, and prioritize tasks based on priorities. You can even invite collaborators to help you with your project.

The project management software also allows you to set goals and optimize the steps to achieve them. This feature is useful for launching new products. Defining goals early in the development stage can help guide decisions and serve as an indicator of success once the product is ready. It allows you to track the progress and scope of the project, even as new requests are made.

As a project manager, you’ll also be able to work with a team of professionals. You won’t have to work at a second job. Your team will benefit from improved collaboration and communication. You’ll be able to set deadlines and clearly communicate project scope with stakeholders. You won’t be caught off guard with a proposal, either.


Airtable is a business application that looks like a spreadsheet. However, it is not just another version of Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. This application was built with the idea of making small businesses look like big ones, while being fun and easy to use. It is a San Francisco-based startup whose CEO was formerly employed by Salesforce as a product manager. While it looks like a spreadsheet, it also has the power of a database.

While both tools have their benefits, Airtable has a few disadvantages over its competitors. For one thing, it does not allow you to easily create subcategories within a to-do list or spreadsheet. This means that you need to use third-party software to do so. Furthermore, Airtable offers a free service, but it restricts certain features to paid versions, which creates a barrier to entry for some users. It also does not have good documentation, and it is not user-friendly for some users.

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