5 Biggest Online Book Cover Design Services Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Every local town bookshop has books on the shelves to sell. The owner arranges these books on the front display shelves to attract customers. Many passersby walk ahead to these bookshops. Some bystanders have a sight on these books and they pause to visit the store. They scan all books and pick some of them to read. They keep looking for books till find their preferred books with colorful and impressive designs.

The significance of book cover design can never be underestimated. It is one of the critical factors in publishing a physical book. The look and style of a book matter a lot to capture the attention of customers. Authors must take immense consideration to the outside front and back cover design of books. It must be worth fascinating and appealing to grab the notice of a book. Authors must make it unique with catchy and trendy ideas in mind. They must categorize books into paperback, hardcover, and softcover.

Online Book Cover Design Services Mistakes

The soft cover design is really soft and tender. It is made up of quality paper that makes it easier to hold and read books physically. A paperback design gives a soft touch to a book and helps readers to take their books along with them anywhere. They can easily keep their books in their bags and have no issues carrying these books all around the world.

Conversely, hardcover books are more expensive than paperback. They have a high value and demand among customers. Readers buy them and get attracted to these books due to their beauty. These are colorful books that are made from wooden elements to make a lasting book design that stays with you forever. Many book publishers make blunders when choosing online book cover design services for their customers.

Here are the five biggest mistakes to design a book cover:

Not Determining the Right Genre

The first thing to decide in a book design is its genre. A genre is a type or category of a book. It defines the niche industry of a book. Every author must think of their book genre to begin writing a book. They must choose the right genre for a book that people like to read. Most readers love to read fiction books.

It has a unique value among book readers. Authors must focus and concentrate on choosing the accurate niche industry for the professional book writing agency. They must not commit a mistake by selecting the wrong category for a book. It makes them confused to write and publish a book.

Not Choosing the Right Size of Image

Authors must choose the image depending on the genre and niche of a book. The topic of a book should match the image to showcase the book’s identity to the audience. They must find a professional designer and ask the person to calculate the measurement and dimension of a book’s front cover image.

It must be of the standard size to spread on the front cover page and show an impressive look to others. The standard size of a book cover image should be 2560 by 1600 pixels. It must not be larger than that. Larger images do not fit into the book cover properly and give an absurd display.

Not Cleaning the Clutter

Book designing is not worth the clutter. It makes everything messy. Untidiness is not the idea of book designing. No buyer would prefer to buy a book in this messy state. A book design needs everything in proper order. It must be away from all the disorderly mess. There must not be plenty of elements on a book cover. It certainly makes things confusing to readers. Designers must create a simple and straightforward design of a book cover to make an appeal to readers.

Convey the Clear Message

The message must always be clear to the audience. It is a responsibility of an author to design a front book cover in such a way that provides a clear-cut message to readers. There must not be any kind of confusion and readers must understand the theme of a book by its cover. The book cover should be completely relevant to the genre and niche of a book.

Maintain the Accurate Font Size

The font size provides a visible display in a book cover design. Designers must enhance and enlarge the font size to show a noticeable appeal to a book. They must use bold and vivid font sizes to make reading easier. The larger font sizes attract readers the most. They compel them to buy a book. Designers must use stylish and elegant font styles to make an impact on readers. They must also use proper typography to enhance readability for customers. Formatting must also be well-organized to show an excellent layout design of a book.

Bottom Line

All in all, these mentioned above are important points to note in designing a perfect book cover. Authors must not make these mistakes and take every step wisely to complete their book design. It requires them to keep the endurance and does not make hurry to publish their books.

They must carry out everything in order to create a beautiful book cover design. It increases their sales and boosts their revenues. Excellent book cover designs give authors tremendous returns on investment and cover all their expenses.

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