4 Fashion Essentials

Some fashion items really are must-haves. Here are a few that will immediately convert your wardrobe from decent to cool.

1. Coloured trousers

Coloured trousers are not something to shy away from but instead embrace for the coming season. They are a great way to add some splash to your look. Red, green and blue is popular choices amongst the boys. Some very brave ones go as far as pastel purple or salmon pink. The trick is to wear them with something basic- a grey hoodie, a pale trench, a charcoal sports jacket- you don’t want every part of your outfit to be OTT.

2. The outfit is fit for every occasion

There are moments in life when we really aren’t sure what’s appropriate to wear. Job interviews at start-ups or creative agencies, for instance, first meetings with the parents of your significant others, or a drink with your boss are three examples. In all of these instances, you don’t know how the other party is expecting you to look. You want to look sharp, but not like you’re trying too hard. These occasions call for a nice pair of slacks, leather loafers, a pressed white shirt with the collar sticking out of a nice sweater, and a classic belt. You can never go wrong with this look because while it’s not too much, it is sharp, clean and confident.

3. Leather jacket

Leather jackets always have been and always will be cool. Every season brings out a new style, a new cut, and a new take on the leather jacket, and depending on their look, men will choose the best one. For a Top Gun aviator look, a lot of guys go for jackets lined with sheepskin, for a trendy hip-hop look, a lot of guys like bombers. Bombers look especially cool worn open with the hood of your sweater sticking out. Rock and Roll types go for the biker cut, and of course, the brave goes for coloured ones. The best part about leather is that it tends to look better with age, so buying one second-hand, or digging it out of your dad’s closet might actually make you the most fashionable of them all.

Women’s leather jacket market is acquiring more appreciation due to the availability of different styles, designs, and colours.

4. Tie clips

Fashion details should not be ignored by men. Much like bold socks, a stunning tie-clip can get you the attention and fashion snaps you’ve been wanting. Moreover, it will feel like a natural outfit addition to the practical man. After all, nobody wants to be the guy who got his tie dunked in his soup bowl.

Start with these four essentials and you’ll be turning heads before you know it.

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