10 Contact Center Features To Boost Your Call Center Productivity

The success of business digitalization is significantly influenced by client-centricity. According to Deloitte’s report, companies that have a customer-centric approach earn 60% more profits than companies that don’t. Call center software is integral to establishing a customer-centric approach for your business. It’s a powerful tool for managing customer queries, issues, and complaints. Utilizing the latest technology, it offers a plethora of technical features that help businesses render a stellar customer experience.

Call center software features have enabled businesses to drive productivity while meeting emerging customer needs. But is there any secret checklist that outlines the features that are responsible for better customer service? You have landed on the best blog to guide you through the selection of call center software features. It highlights the essential capabilities of a call center solution that businesses must leverage to drive efficiency. Before jumping into the list of features, let’s dive deep into understanding the needs and expectations of modern-day customers.

What are the customer expectations?

73% of customers admit that customer experience is an important factor in shaping their loyalties to any brand. Today’s customers demand greater accessibility and quicker resolution through the digital medium. Therefore, customer expectations revolve around being valued through customer service. Another aspect that has evidently come up is that a majority of customers are preferring self-service options to seek answers for themselves. 

The customer expectations can be summed up through the following points:

  • Digitalization of customer service
  • Self-service capabilities of the business
  • Choice of communication channel 
  • Faster resolution

To meet these expectations, businesses are focusing on matching the productivity level with the help of call center management software.

10 Contact center features to boost call center performance 

Call center phone systems are moving towards digitalization so that businesses can leverage new-age technologies to enhance agent productivity for delivering an improved customer service experience. Here are some of the call center software features for empowering businesses to achieve this objective.

1. Automatic Call Distribution

Automatic call distribution (ACD) system is a basic feature that helps businesses level up their approach to attending large volumes of calls.

What does it do?

It automatically distributes all the calls among available agents as per predefined rules. 


  • Reduces call queue and waiting period
  • Decreases call drop-offs
  • Accelerates customer issue resolution

2. IVR system

An Interactive voice response (IVR) system keeps customers engaged by creating a virtual waiting room. A multi-level IVR system also identifies customer concerns to direct the call to the right agent.

What does it do?

It greets the customer with a customized welcome note and enquires about the nature of the query to route the call to the right department.


  • Prevents customer frustration 
  • Speeds up resolution
  • Enhances average call handling time

3. Omnichannel communication


Omnichannel communication is an essential feature of call center software as it integrates the communication of all channels. It allows customers to connect with the business through their preferred channels and provides the flexibility to switch channels.

What does it do?

It unifies the conversation occurring through multiple channels so that customers don’t need to repeat their issue every time they change the communication channel. It also eliminates the hassle for agents to handle multiple platforms for resolving a single customer query.


  • Provides complete visibility of customer conversation
  • Maintains a consistent level of service across all channels
  • Enhances customer service experience


4. CRM integration

Customer relationship management (CRM) software stores all the essential customer information such as demographics, profession, previous conversation history, etc. Integrating CRM into your call center software enables agents to access this data before picking up the call. When agents are prepared for the call, they can strike meaningful conversations leading to conversions.

What does it do?

It empowers agents to leverage the right customer information and prepare for responses to boost sales. Agents can gain more insights into customers’ preferences and behavior trends to lead the conversation.


  • Makes customers feel valued
  • Empowers agents to outperform with an edge in information
  • Delivers personalized customer experience


5. all recording

The call recording feature provides businesses with the convenience to evaluate customer service and fix errors that may disrupt the flow of conversation. It’s an essential feature to ensure service level compliance for call centers.

What does it do?

It records and stores all the conversations occurring through voice calls. These call recordings can be used for enhancing service quality, training new agents, and fixing flaws in conversations.


  • Prevents erroneous messages to enhance accuracy
  • Serves as training material
  • Improves customer service quality leading to greater customer satisfaction


6. Real-time call monitoring

Real-time call monitoring is a powerful feature of call center software that empowers the business to gain control over real-time conversations. It serves as an evaluation tool to assess agent performance.

What does it do?

It allows managers to listen to conversations occurring in real time between agents and customers. Managers can intervene in the call if the customer is agitated or the call discussion goes south ways.


  • Supports agents in difficult conversations
  • Identifies staff improvement areas
  • Fosters a collaborative work environment


7. WebRTC

This call center software feature facilitates seamless communication through voice, text, video, and media sharing in real time. Real-time Web communication (WebRTC) allows for establishing contact between web browsers and devices.

What does it do?

It enables customers to reach out to a business by clicking on specific buttons in the web browser. WebRTC is a simple integration that eliminates the hassle for customers to search for numbers to connect with a business.


  • Reduces the complexity of contacting a business
  • Offers flexibility for employees to receive calls through the browser
  • Improves customer experience


8. Call routing

Routing the call promptly to the right agent who can resolve the issue requires a strong and well-defined routing strategy. Call routing is a feature of call center software that enables businesses to customize their routing strategy to ensure optimal utilization of resources without compromising the customer service experience.

What does it do?

This feature directs calls to specific agents as per a predefined set of rules. It ensures prompt and appropriate responses to callers.


  • Quicker resolution
  • Prevents multiple call transfers
  • Ensures greater customer satisfaction


9. Autodialer

Autodialers have become the must-have feature for every call center software. Businesses have the choice of auto-dialers to select the one that best fits their business needs. 

What does it do?

Autodialers eliminate manual dialing of numbers and automatically rings up customers as per the given list.


  • Accelerates average speed of calling
  • Removes manual error in dialing
  • Boosts agent productivity


10. Data analytics and reporting

Businesses are realizing the importance of data analytics for optimizing their business operations. The call center system comes with data analytics and reporting that gathers and analyzes call center data to prepare easily interpretable reports. 

What does it do?

This feature collects data from the call center to drive actionable insights on agent performance, customer behavior, sentiments, customer satisfaction, etc.


  • Identifies agent training needs
  • Predicts customer trends
  • Provides a roadmap for improving customer service experience

Supercharge your customer support team with call center software

Leverage the potential and capabilities of the call center system to deliver a personalized experience for your customers. It’s crucial to understand your customers’ expectations and implement the required call center software for driving business success. HoduCC is the best call center software that empowers businesses to leverage advanced features for optimizing their customer support service. To learn more about HoduCC, book a demo here or get in touch with their sales team.

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